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Not Just Gas Stoves: Biden Admin Rule Would Outlaw Nearly All Portable Gas Generators

Crackdown comes as country faces increased risk of power outages

A proposed Consumer Product Safety Commission rule limits the amount of carbon monoxide a product can emit, with the commission admitting that 95 percent of portable gas generators on the market cannot comply with its new standard. As a result, industry leaders say, the rule will prompt widespread generator shortages, as manufacturers only have six months to design generators that meet the proposed regulation. That process normally takes years, Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association executive director Susan Orenga told the Washington Free Beacon.

The rule proposal comes just months after Biden-backed commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. teased a similar regulatory ban on gas stoves, which he called a “hidden hazard.” It also comes as many Americans face an increased risk of power outages as the country increasingly relies on green energy to produce its electricity. A whopping two-thirds of North America faces an “elevated risk” of power blackouts this summer, a leading grid watchdog found in May, a vulnerability that stems from America’s increase in green power generation and decrease in fossil fuel power plants. California, for example, saw power outages in the summer of 2022 as electricity demand surged.

Portable gas generators can help those who experience a power outage keep the lights on, and nearly five million households use them. Should the Biden administration finalize its rule, however, the generators could become difficult to obtain. The commission’s rule prohibits manufacturers from stockpiling non-compliant generators prior to the rule’s enactment.

Beyond the Consumer Product Safety Commission, President Joe Biden’s Energy Department has unveiled a slew of environmental regulations to fight climate change. The department says its proposed gas stove rule, for example, would effectively ban half of all models on the U.S. market from being sold. The department has also proposed or finalized energy efficiency rules targeting washing machines, refrigerators, and lightbulbs. “Collectively,” the department said in February, “these energy actions … support President Biden’s ambitious clean energy agenda to combat the climate crisis.”

Many portable generator manufacturers already impose voluntary standards to keep consumers safe from carbon monoxide emissions. The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association standard requires a generator to automatically shut off when carbon monoxide concentrations hit certain levels. It also imposes product warning labels and durability requirements for the shutoff systems.

Still, the Biden administration is looking to adopt more stringent carbon monoxide emission caps from Underwriters Laboratories, an international product safety company. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says its rule is necessary due to low compliance with voluntary standards in the gas generator market—it estimates that just 30 percent of models comply with the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association standard. The association, however, says roughly 75 percent of the market is compliant with its standards.

Only one manufacturer, Techtronic Industries, certifies its products to a level that would mostly satisfy the commission’s proposed rule. But none of its models appear on best-seller and top-rated lists from Electric Generators Direct, Popular Mechanics, or Forbes. Only a few of the company’s models, meanwhile, are strong enough to power a home during an outage. The company’s models are also more expensive than their competitors.


Save the earth, duct tape Brandon’s mouth! It’s a defective product!


This is why all this :poop: is coming about. :angry:
I watch CDN (Climate Discussion Nexus) to get the truth. :+1:

CDN - YouTube

When comfortable people in rich countries with abundant energy tell hungry people in poor countries they must do without electricity to save the planet, it’s just a new and even more arrogant form of colonialism. In this Climate Discussion Nexus “Backgrounder” video John Robson analyses the real-world damage done by this particular type of conceited do-gooding.


The so-called ‘climate crises’ will never be solved in the developed world. Even if the US and other western countries were to cut carbon emissions to near zero it would make little to no difference globally. The only effective emission reductions have to be made in places like China, and India, and Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. Go to those people and tell them, “Sorry, but you have to quit using fossil fuels. Your children must suffer, your elderly must die, you all must remain in poverty, but it’s all for the best, don’t you see?” Think that’ll do any good?

Any change in climate which is occurring, and the extent to which human action is contributing to it, didn’t happen overnight and won’t be ‘solved’ overnight. If one accepts that the climate is changing, without arguing over who or what may be to blame for that change, humans can do something about it. We can adapt to the new conditions, just like we’ve been doing since before the last ice age and even farther back. Much farther.

My biggest problem with the climate doomsayers is that for 50 years and more they have been utterly wrong in every prediction they’ve made. Wrong about a coming ice age, wrong about sea level rise, wrong about the hole in the ozone layer, wrong about everything they have predicted. Yet those same people are still the go-to “experts” being courted for their guidance in shaping policies that can only end in the eventual destruction of all post stone-age civilization. How stupid is that? If not stupidity, then maybe it’s just simple greed and corruption and tyranny preying on the gullibility of an increasingly under-educated, self-centered population.


That’s got my vote


The rants against dumb government energy policies omit one VERY important question… What are you prepared to do about it?

Publish your own rant, or research statistics in hopes that somewhere, someone, somewhere will suddenly appear and do something. Or “the people” will rise up and and “do something.” Magical thinking.

Vote politicians out of office in hopes that that will make them outlaw Nixon’s EPA, embrace clean coal or costlessly build nuclear power plants that will make your electric bill go down? More magical thinking.

The EPA, created by Richard Nixon (the gift that keeps on giving) half a century ago, is not gonna go away. Just like the ATF did not go away at the end of Prohibition.
Congress is not gonna slap its collective forhead and exclaim “What were we thinkin! We will act in a bi-partisan effort to defund and abolish the EPA this year!”

Government has been at war with fossil fuels of all sorts for some time now, and individuals need to decide what they are willing to do to protect themselves from dramatically higher electric prices, higher natural gas prices, and ban on all sorts of gas using appliances (like gas power electric generators, stoves and furnaces).

Fun fact: Fossil fuels are not actually from fossils/the remains of ancient creatures. That was something Rockefeller (of Standard Oil fame) made up to make oil and its subsequent by-products seem scarcer and more limited, thereby increasing the value/price. Gasoline was a by-product of kerosene and fuel oil production, and, prior to the widespread use of internal combustion engines, it was burned off or dumped as waste.


At my age, I’m prepared to watch the X,Y,Z,G,B,S,X and millennial generations freeze to death, burn to death and starve to death as the climate czars snatch all their appliances that assist in comfortable living conditions! Good men did nothing and I can’t do it by myself!

I’m stocking up on marshmallows, chocolate ( while it’s still affordable ) and Graham crackers and I’m going to enjoy the show!
When someone has a real fix to ALL the stupidness, call me!

I’m done! I’ve tried from 2014 till the last coup! When the money runs out, I’ll be deep in the ground and they will be scrounging for food and places to live. The U.S. will become a third world country!
I spent a good portion of my life making things better, if they want to piss on it, who am I to stop them!


Climate is not something to be solved, this is ludicrous, Mother Nature will fix the earth as she’s see fit. If you get in her way, trust me, she will let you know!


I think all it will take is for one, maybe two generations to live in the prior to modern conveniences to change a bunch of minds. I have very clear memories of chopping wood or busting up coal chunks to burn to heat the house or to cook, using outhouses, carrying spring water to drink and more. This modern generations kids have fidget spinners. I got an old time fidget spinner for them. Go out and hoe the garden, chop up some kindling, dig up some taters so you don’t go hungry at supper time. I hoed the garden today. Go paint the fence. Fidget spinners my arse.

Speaking of which, I need to build some more planter boxes, mount them to the fence, and paint them so we can have lettuce next year.


Exactly. The only true “solution” is to adapt to changin conditions, as human beings have been doing for 100’s of thousands of years.


Whoa, are we suggesting that we put down our toys and actually do something. Actually learn how to grow food, maybe learn how to start a fire without a lighter, Learn how to tell directions without our phone. Yes the climate is changing and yes we have to learn to adapt to it. We need to teach our children and grandchildren how to be self sufficient and how to teach their children and grandchildren the same. Today’s youth would be lost without their phone and video games. The day may come when the grid goes down and we need to be prepared. As do our coming generations. The climate is changing, and no matter how much we pay in taxes, we will not stop it. Adapt to it. The best chance of stopping it is to pray for God’s mercy. The coming life will be perfect for believers. The government cannot make the weather perfect no matter how much they raise taxes.


GOD is already involved Brother.

We just have to Keep the faith.
sounds simplistic (maybe even stupid of me, but I believe we will prevail)


There is no “stopping it”. Not through corrupt tax spending on low energy density ‘solutions’ like wind and solar; not by beggaring ourselves with boondoggle spending on other pie-in-the-sky fixes which will ultimately result in the reduction of the US (and the rest of the west) to second rate status. Waiting for God to fix it is just a way of making yourself feel like you’re doing something while actually doing nothing, which plays right into the hands of the climate industrial complex corruption.

When I say adaptation is our best response, I mean that we, human beings, need to focus our efforts in two main directions: innovations and improvements in energy production, storage, and distribution, along with reality-based plans to relocate people and industry out of the most vulnerable areas and building water management systems to combat the effects of the anticipated rise in sea levels. These suggestions are just scratching the surface, I’m sure. The are undoubtedly many other areas ripe for innovation and advancement which could mediate the coming changes to our climate.

The earth doesn’t need saving; the earth abides and will be here long after we are gone (by whatever means). If humanity needs saving, then we have to save ourselves. Nobody’s going to do it for us.


Improvements in energy production is probably the first priority with the push for electric everything. Myself I would like to know that I can live without it. Without improving the energy production, the grid will go down.

Getting the elites to give up their beach front homes may be a little harder. I’ve seen maps of what land areas will be left after the ice caps melt. And I’ve been watching weather patterns for years now, that’s why we live in Indiana. I know others will feel that they are in the best place to live, but that is their right to have their opinion, this is just mine. You do you, I’ll do me.

Instead of wasting billions on “green energy”, why not research more on how to effectively remove the salt from ocean water to make it drinkable. It can be done. Work on ways to move the water from the rising sea levels to desert areas to make them fertile. We have to stop wasting billions on stopping climate change, and use that money to adjust to what is inevitable.

And in my opinion seeking God’s mercy beats the crap out of what we are doing now.

The earth will prevail, it has in the past, It survived the ice age and the Great Flood. It will prevail just not as we know it today. Will there be electricity when my grandkids are middle aged? I’d like them to be prepared if not. I’d like them to know how to grow their own food, care for their own livestock. Start a fire without a lighter, build and maintain their own shelter (however humble it may be), shoot and care for a firearm, or other weapon, and to know how to handle it safely.

There’s not much that I personally can do other than vote with my brain and not emotions, prepare my descendants, and pray that God has mercy on my people.

And by the way “stopping climate change” is just code for making politicians rich.


You can add gas water heaters to the list. Another conspiracy theory proven true. I don’t think the communist leftists know the meaning of the word conspiracy.

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To be clear, what I meant by this is that I don’t believe God will do for us what we are capable of doing for ourselves.


You’re right, God helps them that help themselves. And there is plenty that we can and should be doing. Now is not too late.



Right there with you, brother. I don’t recognize this world anymore.