An interesting Rant

Saw this rant on MSNBC, actually pretty close to the truth…

Dempokratz are desperate and in complete panic!
Get Trump…Get Trump…Get Trump…at any COST and for any bogus REASON!
Turn to New Hampshire in hopes of stopping Trump
Trump-Putin collusion
Trump Said He is ‘not smart, but genius
All-Caps Rant
Digging himself deeper and deeper
Nail in the coffin
Criminality for decades
Ex-officials warn
Legal Experts
Authoritarian Expert
Slow Motion Destruction
Walls closing In
Serious allegations
Systematically False Arguments
Stormy Daniels
Blames ‘Mutants’
Mar-a-Lago Mole
Fact-checker zings
Legal Headaches
Corrupt DA’s
Arrest Looms
Legal challenges
Grand Jurys
Special counsels
Legal Messes
Dire Assessments
Many different “EXPERTS” from “Alternet” “Raw Story” “1945” “Benzinga” “Salon” and “Slate”
All Day, Every Day, Every Hour, Seven days a week and NOTHING!!!
Mr. Trump president #47 in 2024


The way it is turning for the Puddin’Pantz and his Nigerian fag-ot regime is an indicator (@ least for me)
That there may very well be NO Election come January 2024. The Dem’s themselves (not publicly…yet)
Know they are having ‘difficulty’ in making this Incompetent buffoon believable anymore.
The banning of (short list) Gas cars, Gas stoves, and now unbelievably gas generators leads me to believe even the most die hard Sheep will begin to say WTF! OK, they came out against the cars/go full electric (yet the is zero attempt to enhance the Power grid which as some of you folks in certain states pray like hell you twist the AC knob and hope you don’t shut down your entire neighborhood. Same Same with the stoves and now our generators… There isn’t even TALK about power grid improvement, future Jobs installing such a grid, it just went away and ‘Puddy’ moved on to the next forced crazy idea and disaster! UM, that’s just stupid. MADD magazine had better plots and twists!
The GUNS are easier to understand. We all know this so I will just summarize: To Disarm the population means less resistance, easier compliance and gates/Soro’s Depopulation of US Useless eaters can go full swing and then , in the Human Drone work force (because us Gunners will all be dead) in their spiffy new Uniforms and Chipped like an animal they can be force marched to their factory jobs, or supplying the needed bodies for these evil cretins consumption. This sounds very ‘Soylent green’ but as the Sound of freedom’ has proven it is already happening to the littlest (most INNOCENT) Inhabitants on our crazy planet. As I said Donald Trump isn’t the fixer some have made him out to be but my sense is he is the one the right people are backing to step in when the Puddin’ meets his fate and his Barackness is swinging from a rope of his own making. Along w/ his ‘wife’ mike and most of the Dc Swamp ratz!
You just can’t keep secrets in a world these days of perpetual news cycles and we see today enough I can’t call many newsmen/woman anymore but some have woken up to the fact that these reptiles in power are just INSANE. Clear as day, INSANE! If the Dem’s want to give Reparation’s to some whatever.
No Bail/ Full HELL on the city streets whatever. But eventually the public (what’s left of them) are going to be sick and tired of being victimized and killed.
’ It’s That Simple’
and we are rolling to that point these days (finally) at an alarming rate. Even the bought and Paid for Media is starting to question this babbling and incoherent jug head because he is ‘all over the place’ in his Hitleresque actions. EVERYDAY he seems to come out with a new people , place, or thing to destroy.
If you ever look @ Real raw News website (and you actually believe what is printed therein), you see famous/infamous names being tried, Convicted and Executed . To some they must say it’s fantasy or wishful thinking reporting. To others like me we believe it. I would be further convinced if I saw Televised
Rope snapping good Times and the neck stretched aftermath but for now i can just hope its true. Eric Holder (a barack associate) was executed today, a joke of a human. I had to read-up on the man to remember what earned him the chance to get on the elevator going down to his permanent resting place in the ‘Hot gates’ because there are SO MANY scum bags that are now ahead of him…well, not now :rofl: Donald Trump said (famously) "they are not after me, they are after you, I’m just in the way!’
THAT FACT! proven by the above rant Mike’s topic started. just seems to me that HE is the real deal in some form or another. Who is backing him, keeping him alive, keeping him out of jail, assassination attempts (if you believe that) There is a reason for his doing this. If pressed I must say "I don’t really know’ but I HOPE its for mankind to survive and put these evil people firmly and completely in Hell and we can begin to rebuild a world for US and future generations to come. I must say i don’t hold much hope for the last 1 or 2 generations of idiots that now grace our planet. But maybe the vaxx’s will do the job for us and we can move on whistling ‘If they only had a brain’ for a short period of time. I swear I have seen some of the stupidest young men and woman in the last two generations (and down right Freakiest too!) I don’t need to babble on about that you people see it for yourselves.
I also believe this ‘GET TRUMP’ campaign is getting old for most folks . At $3.79 a gallon (NM), run away crime, bad foods, phony Climate BS!, People are having a hard time making ends meet and we are sending the little Ukrainian Pedo Billions of dollars still!. Eventually the wokest of the woke is going to go into their pockets for money and come up with lint and say ‘Ruh Roe relroy’ we are in a very dark place!
So, my ending message to you people is Hang in there (they can’t hang all of us) :us: :upside_down_face: :us: :upside_down_face: :us: :upside_down_face: :us: :upside_down_face: :us: :upside_down_face:

Keep the faith, I’ve heard it’s going to get INTERESTING in the next (6) months! September especially. All we have to do is keep ourselves and our people alive to enjoy the fruits of all this labor being done behind the scenes and Welcome back HIS DONALDNESS IN JANUARY.

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