Wake up America! A word to LEOs

The police have a tough mostly unthankful job but too many are too willing to follow orders that are contrary to the Bill of Rights. I was only following orders was the chant at Nuremberg. They still got hung. I know they have families to support but there has to be some personal accountability. When you willingly enforce bad laws you become part of the problem.
We are currently watching our country being flushed down the toilet and it will only get worse with too many people willing to enforce corrupt laws written by corrupt lawmakers. Let the courts sort it out is an excuse to cover their butts. Especially when the courts are also corrupt. Look at who is getting appointed to the bench.
I am watching our country get more and more polarized. I greatly fear a Civil War is becoming a real possibility. There will be no winners if it happens. The current regime seems bent on making matters worse. Gun Control is the forerunner to a total takeover. There will only be sham elections in our future. It does not matter who votes. It only matters who counts the votes.


I am very proud of my old shop, Riverside County (CA) Sheriff’s Department. Our Sheriff (Chad Bianco) came out early during the COVID Gulag Sequence and emphasized PUBLICLY that his personnel would take no part in enforcement of Health Department guidelines.


I retired twenty years ago and if I was an officer today, I would have to resign…that or most likely be fired…plain and simple…this is not how I remember law enforcement…and this is not the same society I use to protect !!!


@Jeff159 Welcome. Your words ring true. Sad sad times. :cry:


Thank you and yes you are correct. Officers today are not supported resulting in the public not getting the protection they use to get…

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I am sorry for your loss. Same.

Same thing here in our county. The sheriff…who is now under attack from the Leftist media…stood up and said “not on my watch.” County Commission is still having closed meetings they live stream and just let their mask mandate expire this week. Our Governor has been AWESOME. Some of the sheriffs have been awesome. Our courts have been pathetic. Some sheriffs emptied their jails and had career criminals murder and rape again within 24 hours. On day 1 of this whole debacle, I posted that everyone was about to get a stark reminder of how important local, county, and state elections really are.


I get it, but the LEOS bosses are the mayors who dictates what they are allowed to do…they need to be removed (mayors) who allow this kind of disruption against law abiding citizens by tying law enforcements hands behind their back.


He’s the problem. No integrity. You swear to uphold the law. he’s talking about mutiny against fellow officers. I am going to guess he never served in the armed forces and is a only child.

Only if the other officers don’t have a backbone. Sometimes you have to do what’s right, not what everyone else is doing. If you make a stand, others on the fence may join. If enough believe in what is right, the person making the unconstitutional directive will have nobody to enforce that directive/law. That will just be further evidence of the criminal nature of the person making that demand.


I think his approach is doing most videos and practicing with gear in same time frame of his day. But, I agree there may be always a better way to do things.

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Meet Claus von Stauffenberg.



Good point. Hence, the need to be involved in local politics.
We get too caught up on national politics but tyranny begins closer to home.


Beancounter got it right… !!!


I totally get that. So if your boss tells you to illegally trample over people’s rights, you have two options … well three. Quit, refuse the order, or accept the order. Accountability lies with the individual. It’s obvious that these corrupt politicians are going to stay in office, and continue to dictate unconstitutional edicts. Voting them out hasn’t worked, because enough idiots out there keep voting the same worthless politicians in.


It didn’t take me to YouTube it played on this page


This young Army LT (medical corps) is doing a great job of exposing bad policing in this situation. Based on all the news reports, the entire PC for a felony traffic stop was (according to the officers own written statements) the lack of license plate on a new Chevy Suburban. Well, the dealer tag is clearly visible, and they never asked for “license and registration.” They drew guns and ATTACKED this man. In fact, he had just bought the new SUV and could prove it. Young black man driving expensive vehicle is NOT probable cause for a stop, much less a felony stop!

Then we see and hear on video (including his own body cam audio) officer Gutierrez tell the LT he should be afraid when the LT explains why he is non-compliant (fear for his life). You see, when cops are pointing guns at you, you are wearing a seat belt, and they yell for you to get out of the vehicle, and you reach to unbuckle the seat belt, this is what LEOs and lawyers call a “furtive movement.” Your hands disappear from view and your body posture changes. This IS probable cause to assume you are reaching for a weapon. Now they can shoot you and probably get away with it by claiming it was just a mistake in the heat of the moment…for which they have qualified immunity.

These are BAD cops. Poorly trained and unable to control their aggression. Non-compliance is NOT the same as active resistance! No use of lethal force (including the threat thereof) is justified because someone is asking you questions and expressing fear/confusion instead of following your instructions…period…full stop. These officers continued to escalate what was CLEARLY evolving as their mistaken traffic stop against a US Army commissioned officer in uniform. We invaded Panama over this kind of crap!


At one point, Gutierrez told Nazario he was “fixin’ to ride the lightning,” a reference to the electric chair, according to the claim.

That claim is patently false, as the next line states the officer holstered his firearm and drew his taser.

The story begins with him not pulling over for about one mile, then not heeding the officers’ commands, then claiming he is scared.

After being pepper sprayed when still not obeying officer commands, he gets out of the vehicle.

The officers order him to the ground while Nazario continues to stand by the vehicle and ask what’s happening.

“You made this way more difficult than it had to be if you’d just complied,” Gutierrez is heard saying in the body camera footage.

In the footage, the officers wrestle Nazario to the ground and handcuff him while he repeatedly says, “This is f**ked up.”

In his report, Gutierrez wrote he chose to let Nazario go because he knew the military could take punitive action against Nazario.

“Being a military veteran I did not want to see his career ruined over one erroneous decision,” Gutierrez says.

This account reminds me of this one:

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More power to the young LT. This was totally an abuse of authority/position. LEO are allegedly trained to notice things. They conveniently acted like they did not see the license plate. And obviously started pulling guns before approaching the vehicle. It certainly sounds like racial profiling but in a jealous way that a young black man can afford such a nice vehicle. I’ve been pulled over while in uniform and the cop treated me like manure Cold the entire time.

The officers saw at night that the person in the vehicle was black before he stopped? Regardless of that, why did the man not comply with the officers’ commands? If an officer told me to get out, I surely would not be arguing with them for 5 minutes about it. Even after getting pepper sprayed (which shows the inadequacy of pepper spray), he was still not heeding their commands.

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