Wake up America! A word to LEOs

From Tier 1 Citizen. A word to LEOs. :us:


An accompanying video. Don’t get butt hurt :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And our neighbor to the North today. :unamused:


I watched the first video and agree. Things are going to get REAL soon.


Some folks live in states where their congress and governor are placing in effect laws that say that their state won’t allow the federal government to enforce the sham-president’s executive orders or the sham-congress. These states are intending to keep state’s rights. Bravo.


I’m unabashedly pro-blue.
It was a sad day when Burbank Police showed up to enforce an order against Tinhorn Flats, a restaurant that bravely defied local tyrants.


Agree with the message but dont care for the presentation. I could only stand to watch the first half of the first video. And that was tough. Why is he standing there in camo dress loading magazines and ranting? I would have a lot more respect for someone Addressing this point intellectually. MY OPINION, this guy is a moron. Right message, wrong approach. He also misses a huge part of the argument… yes, I believe we are with them but dont forget we are also their boss. They are by definition PUBLIC SERVANTS.


That was part of the message.


Didnt impress me, in fact turned me off. However it may appeal to many so in that regard I am glad it was posted. We need to get the message out as often and in as many ways as we can.


Oh sure we’ll stand with leos & I’m sure we know who will stand against. My guess is that leos ( just like everyone else) have their own moral compasses. When you take an oath will you log it out or hold your head up. Always remember the nazis were just following orders, how’d that work out?



I took an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States against enemies both foreign and domestic.

I do not remember there being an end date to that oath.


This was needed. Oathbreakers need to remember who supports them. Oathbreakers need to know, there are consequences to failure. Nothing against LEO’s personally, but wake up and smell the coffee.

Let’s just take Salem, OR for an example. Had any of those oathbreakers done their job, and chose to enforce the laws against antifa; then the gentleman would have never had to get out of his vehicle and pull his weapon. End of argument right there. I’m sick of situations like this. And I understand both sides of it. But after years of following these cases, YES LEO’S need to be reminded what their real job, and who their oath truly goes to. If you can’t stand for the constitution first, you’ll fall for anything.


Expires on date of death… :sunglasses:


I bought something from a guy at a gun show once. He told me it came with a lifetime guarantee.

I asked him, “My lifetime or yours?”

He answered “Take your pick!”


I no longer click on YouTube or redistribute YouTube links, can you republish on www.rumble.com?

What would be the difference? You would still be watching a YT video and I don’t do rumble. Watch it or not!

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I totally support Law Enforcement, especially at the city, county, and state levels. The LEO’s don’t often need support in critical situations, but I for one have their backs, will so identify verbally to LEO’s if possible, and do whatever is necessary to keep a LEO from losing his/her life.


I read the comments , This guy is Right on, it doesn’t matter how its said there is a line that was crossed, My friend and family are LEO’s I support them but when you start Arresting people at Church and shutting down Businesses, You have become Nazi’s was that pastor really a threat to the Public watch some Hitler Documentaries. This Will Not Stand, He’s Ranting BECAUSE WE THE PEOPLE Are Pissed , Check your Offended card at the door, stop arresting law abiding Citizens, for The New Commies Those little office ■■■■■ can’t do anything without you so don’t help them Destroy Our Country and Burn Our Constitution.
We Need to get Mean stop Whining


Amen, We the people got your six!

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Amen. Too many are ignoring that fact!