CA referral for an actual Civil rights Attorney, 4th amendment violation from Sheriff's dept

Posting new topic as the previous was met with ignorant responses that are not helpful. If this community cares about its membership then all I am asking for is a legitimate referral for a civil rights litigator in CA.

Thanks in advance.

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Might be better to go to YT, check out some police audit vids for your state and ask the auditor whose his lawyer is. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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You said you have thousands of followers, why don’t you ask them?


Not helpful but thx for your comment

I appreciate the comment, you are actually the only individual that has a positive helpful response.

It’s unfortunate this community ■■■■ talk fellow 2A guy vs being helpful.

So being the first patriot to help, thanks

And I do a lot of cop watching, back the constitutional law enforcement! Not do much with bootlickers

They are pro LEO here and I’m surprised they’ve let me say a few things w/o getting banned. I am pro-police but I want officers to know and respect my rights. Being an LEO is a thankless job and you couldn’t pay me enough to take it either. Gotta remember not all online communities are the same. Take the good info and leave the rest. Most don’t mean anything personal either.

Take care

Appreciate your perspective and agree. I am 100% support constitutional LOE, however most will agree MORE training must happen as to prevent GOOD LOE to be affected by the civil right violating assholes.

The fact that most cops are offended if asked if they took the oath is a travesty of poor training.