Police/ Government are not obligated to protect you!

In the court room many times have the judgement that police or the Government are not obligated to protect you. A good reason to keep and uphold the second amendment. If the courts are saying that the police are not required to protect you that alone should be enough reasons a person should have protection like the second amendment is based for.

I saw this video and I hope this will sink into people’s head that self-protection is the real first responder.

This is nothing against the police but the reality of this is that you are your first responder.


I know this to be true. In our County it has been said to me many times that the Deputies has discretion whether they want to enforce any law or service anyone when called. They must take the call but what happens after that is their choice.


Strength of character and self sufficiency are considered toxic and vilified, while weakness and dependency are virtuous.

Never really expected this.


That is the TRUTH Brother;
I grew up in Queens, NY ( Middle class, hard working, usually both parents ) Cops were revered!
My a-hole father had lots of cop friends, my Scout troop had Cop fathers on the committee) We banded together when a Cop was hurt or went down in the line. Helped w/ food, $$$ baby sitting what ever they needed (emotional support etc) Today some cops and Military I’m embarrassed to say are utterly worthless! reprehensible, corrupt, EVIL! I knew some A-holes in the Military personally (not second or third hand info here) They didn’t have enough compassion, skills, moral fiber to fill a boot! Today I would be ‘concerned’ to have some of these people in the same unit as me especially armed to the teeth!
(I don’t think so). That doesn’t sound like a life extending program.
OH M GOD! and the Gubment? Oh no, I NEVER thought I would feel this way. Would probably hand somebody an attitude adjustment early on if I heard some of the sh-- that comes out of my mouth or in print on the internet! Why you Commie bast–d! I’d probably lead off with (besides a sock in the face)
How did this all happens guy’s? WTF! (I’m not upset believe it or not right now, but I question EVERYTHING I was taught/Learned today). It’s almost just a question instead of an impassioned plea.
I mean look at just the last (48) hours… Incredible events. While tragic not surprising. Due to the rampant stupidity and Corruption from ALL the top Leaders across the board. I thought last night as I rolled around restless in my bed like a burrito what’s next? And you know folks the scenarios I came up with are astounding! But NOT far fetched.

Sh-- gotta run, Pup pulled a muscle.
Stay Frosty Gents , back soon

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I already knew the police has no duty to protect me. When I first learned that a few years ago I was amazed by that and wondered why do we have a police force. Then I thought about it and told myself police can’t be everywhere. Extremely happy I live in a Stand Your Ground state.


Just about every police shift briefing I’ve heard ends with make sure YOU get home safe tonight. None of them have anything to do with sacrificing for the good of the community.


Police typically are responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law**, and preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities. Police | Definition, History, Organizations, & Facts | Britannica

You notice the enforcing the law?


As a person here once said: police show up to write the report after the crime has happened. Not saying they won’t investigate afterwards but police do you little good while the crime is happening.


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