YOU are Your Own First Responder--

This is not a slam to the police (tho’ it may be to city councils). YOU have to be your own first responder-- help is NOT assured. Unfortunately, these citizens are going to find out that governments have no obligation to protect you.


Seattle police department is having police leave the department so fast that the department has lost over 50% of its force. Majority of them have said, They do not want to work with the Seattle City council being so socialist.



Even in areas where there are ample police and response time is ‘fast’ you STILL are your own first responder.

If someone was to break in to your house, you call 9-1-1 and the police arrive 2 minutes later, that could still be 1 minute and 50 seconds too late!

Seconds count…


This is a great heading, because it’s so very true.


Minneapolis and Seattle residents only have themselves to blame.

Hopefully, citizens will start paying attention to their local government candidates, including for city council and school districts.
These people influence law enforcement and education policies.

Looking at my ballot, I ask, “does our local PD and sheriff’s department endorse this candidate?” There are other criteria but this pretty much sets the tone.


Keep in mind that PD and Police unions overwhelmingly endorsed democrats for decades… only current events are causing them to change their endorsements.


I was told years ago that the police do not have to respond to your home, that is not in their job description.


We’ve had landmark cases on this. The police are under no official or implicit direction to protect you. They have no responsibility to you or your family. They are not your friend, they are not your guardian. That’s not their job. Their job is to protect social order and status quo. If that means preventing criminals from harming you? Then they’ll try to do that. If that means waiting until the mass shooter is done so they can go in and arrest the suicided corpse? That’s what they’ll try to do.

You and you alone are responsible for your immediate personal safety. Let me spend my tax dollars on window film, flood lights and bullets, not MRAPs for them to drive up in to shoot my pets when the neighbors spot me through a window cleaning my CETME.


Thank You @Catburd


Everyone can change their mind from time to time. Sometimes you just have to wait fot the lights to come on. I only hope more folks quit hiding their head in the sand.


Who police unions endorse and who the rank and file beat cop votes for are two different things. I think that goes with most unions.


That is true and also why I don’t think police unions (or any unions for that matter) should be able to endorse nor financially support any candidate. They basically force people who disagree with them pay for their person.


@Danny28, the title of your post is exactly the reason I purchased a handgun and started carrying. Our local sheriff visited our neighborhood watch meeting and said the exact same thing. In my county in NC, they have 2 Deputies on duty covering 567 square miles. Likely response times, best case, 8-10 minutes. He told us that night that we better be prepared to protect ourselves and our families on our own.

I don’t at all fault my local LEO’s for this. I do fault my local government. They frivolously spend on skateboard parks, holiday decorations, and seldom-used amphitheaters while discouraging businesses that bring in much-needed tax revenue … revenue that could fund LEO’s.


Got a point there. I was a police union rep in LA. The Republicans talked strong law and order but didn’t back us on pay and benefits or workman comp issues. The Dems were soft on crime and criminals but backed us at negotiating time on pay and benefits. This was in the 80s and 90s in LA. Complete shift now.


I’ve always known I was my own first responder can’t tell you how many stitches I have given myself interior wise and then derma glue the outside. (Yes it hurts like blue blazes.) That’s why I have a closet sized first aid kit at home.


When I told my union that I did not support their politics and wanted to stop paying dues, I was told I would no longer be in good standing. I encouraged our department to decertify and we started our own guild.
Also agree that police have no duty to protect individuals. Plenty of court cases.


When they defund the police department all the police can do is cut back on over time and hire less people so they can’t respond as quick.

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Just to add to this, In the city of Boston just down the street from all the riots were million dollar town houses with no police in sight.


@Anthony63 Welcome to the community!

I would that people would get together and vote for better people for the city council and for the office or Mayor. Then again, there is something to be said for being well armed and practiced.

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