When the police helps the perpetrators and attacks the victims

Ok, sorry for the title, but I just wanted to vent a little. I’ve been watching the latest “Tucker Originals” where he describes three episodes when the citizens have been abandoned by the Government (Federal and local) and after daring to defend themselves they have been targeted by those same authorities that should have defended them in the first place. Namely, he talked about the L.A. riots (a.k.a the rooftop Koreans riots) the Katrina riots, where the police and N.G. ran to innocent citizens’ houses confiscating guns while crime ran rampant throughout the city, and finally the recent BLM riots with the specific case of the Omaha kid who committed suicide because all the authorities charged against him for daring to defend himself.

My question is simple: Are we just doomed to resign to this? Is there anything we can do (besides engaging in a shootout with the authorities and definitely dying)? Please, help me raise my morale, because I’m losing faith in what this country is and represents at a very worrying pace.

Sorry for the rant, but I’m really depressed seeing how politicians that should supposedly work for us are doing everything they can to tyrannize us.

My best wishes for all!!


Add to your list Kyle Rittenhouse, who tried to get the Police to help him and was turned away, only to protect himself from a (well video’d) mob chasing him down, and forced to defend himself. The tail appears to be wagging the dog, as it were. My take (and only my opinion) is that the LEO’s don’t know which way is up for the past year or so and until we return to a system of law and order FOR ALL TO FOLLOW, these incidents may become more prevalent. It is clear, however, that you are responsible for your own safety in these strange times, until the pendulum swings the other way. Again, just my opinion.


Yeah, it’s a right nice sentiment until you look through the entire human history and realize that no matter who, no matter where, it always devolves to one group of people (usually a minority) imposing their will and beliefs upon another group of people under the guise of “God’s will” or “Law and Order” or “Good versus Evil” or “Right versus Wrong.”

Humans use fear and intimidation to instill the idea that might makes right. Some members of the GOP are no better than the Taliban and some members of the Democratic Party are no better than Stalin.

It’s alll a matter of someone trying to prove their might in order to consolidate all the resources into their own hands or the hands of their friends. Any talk about “enlightenment” or “revolution” is talk of a temporary re-boot that will lead to the same scurrilous path that we are on right now.

People are selfish and insular. Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a wretched species that preys upon our own.

You want hope? Hope for an asteroid to hit our planet or for a real pandemic to cull the herd down to a handful of desperate, scattered survivors.

Anything else is meaningless, and anything less is just talk and regurgitated BS designed to con your neighbors into subjugating themselves for your benefit.

Not sorry for the rant at all.


Some people might be. Name one species that does not prey upon others of its kind.

I don’t seek to do that; look inward and reconcile your feelings with God or whatever you might believe in (personally, as an Atheist, I believe in myself and have no beliefs of the nature you posted.)


Such nobility. But at the end of the day, and if forced into a corner, your price will end up being so much lower than you could have ever possibly imagined or boasted that it would be. That’s human nature.


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I tried to bring up this report however it won’t load for some reason. I lived in New Orleans area (Algiers Point) prior to Katrina and pretty much it was a crap hole of murder and crime. What Carlson probably didn’t elaborate on was the specific areas these raids happened. I doubt very seriously if any of this happened on St Charles Ave which is not far from downtown however there are several projects close by and the infamous 9th Ward. It got so bad that the Twin Span was barricaded on the West Bank to keep the idiots on the NOLA side.

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Well I think we all know, if you shoot someone the cops are taking you to the jailhouse. They may let you go a bit latter but in the mean time you get to sit in holding with Bubba and Vinny. They say they do it because they need to “figure out” what happened or while they “investigate”. To me it comes down to this, if I need to protect myself I will and if the police don’t like it? Tough! I’d rather walk away in hand cuffs than get rolled away into the morgue.


I agree, and I will too… My question was more about “… what happens when the guy tearing out your front door is not an MS13 gangster trying to nab your safe to buy some illegal Meth, but a cop that is coming for your legally owned guns?” And thinking that they’ve done it before is what started my line of reasoning.


Hi Jose33. Please have faith. I do. In challenging moments, I think of my family and loved ones, I want to be there for when they need me. If I can remember my priorities, they come first. For me, that means trying to spend more time with them, having a decent job so I can help them.

As long as I stay within the law, I’m joyful that it allows me to be a responsible firearm owner. Which for me, I’m learning, means I need to teach others what I know about safety.

Personally, I’m at a point where I do not have to worry about the authorities coming to take away my property or rights, because I manage within their laws. And if it ever becomes too strict, I can work on moving or help myself feel better by empowering myself to help lobby to change laws, in a civil manner.

If the authorities ever came for me and my property, they can have it; Because I know it’s only temporary, I can work on replacing it; And that way I’ll not make it harder on myself. There is a system and process. But, by staying legal, we all work to never let it get to that level, and by doing so, we are safe and secure, right.

It’s cool to take breaks away from news and social media, as they can be negative, and remember - they are often in it to gain higher ratings, because that translates for them into job security or raises.

My best and simplest response in your reaching out to the community, is talk to your friends and family, those who you think have a good head on their shoulders. Find good hearts who will listen to you.


To many different circumstances to pick an answer. If its just a widespread gun confiscation then 1776 comes to mind. anything else should be left up to the courts. PS: dont leave all your eggs in 1 basket just in case.

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Thank you, I’ve been thinking about that… but I’m not sure on how to proceed… Placing some eggs into some other home may present the same risk (when the confiscation is massive) and I don’t really trust any other place, like self-storage places, or similar. Anyway, I’ll just keep an eye on how the mood goes and try to anticipate any movements :slight_smile: