They won't enforce unconstitutional laws

So I always found some comfort in believing that law enforcement would not enforce unconstitutional laws. However I’m starting to realize that under the guise of “for the greater good” just how quickly those right will get stomped on.

I’m not meaning to trash law enforcement, I know their are good cop and good agencies, however denying peoples freedom of religion and the right to peacefully assembly and protest is extremely alarming.

Am I off base here or are others seeing things in a similar light.


Some things to consider.
The oath that is sworn, to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution, does not say defend the ‘government’. It is a possibility that under extreme situations, where the government grabs power, tyrannical power it was never intended to have, we could see the military opposing the military… as some commanders might defend the government and some defend the Constitution.

We might in situations of civil unrest and tyrannical actions, the police forcing people to leave church, and issuing tickets and telling people there ‘rights are suspended during an emergency’… or wait, that just happened.
Yes, they are attacking churches (so far, they have not required a ‘Religious Identification Card’.

We still have declarations of emergencies from President Carter’s administration.

The question is, how far are the people willing to allow the government to act tyrannically before they decide their liberty is more important.


I think you’re right on point @Sheepdog556, and unfortunately I’m seeing some of what I feared (LEO following orders thinking they are supporting the greater good).

This as been an interesting “dry run” on several fronts from how Law enforcement will act, to how Government will act, to how people will act.

There are lots of lessons to be learned here for those wanting to be prepared for future and/or larger issues.


Looks like the citizens of NC were willing to take it as far as you can peacefully.

Our rights don’t end because of an emergency or pandemic. I completely understand personal responsibility however I personally will always chose dangerous freedom over safe slavery


I believe it’s foolish too not see current events and think oh they wouldn’t do that. With the they being people, government, law enforcement and etc…


Also Virginia! Gov. Clan Robes (as Tucker Carlson called him) passing laws when people cannot protest or stop them. :rage:


First that “Governor” is a coward.
Second as I have ranted for the past year or so, the time for lessons learned is over, way over. We voted, protested, wrote letters, made phone calls, we begged, we proved our point over and over, no one is listening nor do they care.
We have learned all the lessons we need to learn. It’s in your face, FEMA is prepared. The chess pieces have been strategically placed across the country. This is no joke now. Let’s get real. All those young boys in Germany were just following orders. They didn’t even need a pandemic to fulfill those orders! Sad really.
Our people, our American brothers, sisters etc that will be following those same orders are cowards and they will place blame upon the virus. Lesson learned!
Of course they are going to enforce unconstitutional laws. They are enforcing unconstitutional laws now. They are doing what we never thought they would. That’s why we are writing about them here and now. Now, does anyone, anyone have a solution?
You’re asking yourself how do I act on that solution. That’s the real question.
I guess we all just sit here on our computers, iPhones, iPads wait for them to flash and clear and live the rest of our lives like sheep.
If I’m wrong fell free to call me an idiot, if I’m right, better hope I have your six.


I wish you were wrong but I can see an argument for every point made.


I was afraid of that!


You know, when this topic was being talked about in the thread about Virginia and how all of those cities and counties were voting themselves 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. The discussion was about how none of this worked without actual boots on the ground.

I remember there was a good looking guy, very charismatic one too. :eyes::innocent::rofl:Who kept making the point that once the enforcement began that if those who were needed to enforce those rules, families were threatened then we would see enforcement Constitutionanal or not.


Illinois seems to be a state that is very willing to enforce unconstitutional laws. I have seen people harassed for being outside the past 2 weeks, and even at my job, my boss has asked us to disperse crowds if we see them and to call for LE backup if they do not comply and go home. That is something I will not do and am willing to be terminated from my job for failing to comply with the order to disperse any crowds OUTSIDE. My goal during the work day is to go home without any extra holes in me as well as NOT being injured.


I don’t trust LE or the military to uphold the constitution. As was shown in Katrina, they will follow what their bosses say–and violate the constitution without batting an eye.


I think the scariest part is that they want civilians to “Snitch” on each other. Nazi Germany had 250,000 people, including kids in their “Snitch Force”.

If you have even 1 neighbor who doesn’t like you (My motto, people don’t like seeing other people have more fun than them), they will LOVE having the power to snitch on you.


my village is going to try to order people to wear face masks starting tomorrow evening. this will be interesting to see what happens, since i know several people who will not do that, and i am very tempted to not as well. I did not use a mask when i was employed as an automotive painter at the local body shop, and automotive paint is a known and proven permenant damaging agent to the respiratory system, probably why i have mild asthma as well as severe allergies. masks are not comfortable and it also makes it impossible to be smoking cigars or cigarettes.

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I am so surprised there has not been a huge uptick in armed robberies of persons and businesses with all this facial concealment.

Maybe it’s just not being reported or maybe all criminals have changed their ways to being good now.





now that is an interesting point. I do know from talking to a few friends that are chicago police that last weekend despite the stay at home order, it was the most violent weekend since 2008. something like 70 people shot and 20 killed, including several on the CTA train system mainly the red line.

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I understand some of the fear over this virus. However, to give up freedoms the constitution upholds is scary. The more control we let the government have, regardless of jurisdiction, the harder it will be to get those freedoms back.


This is why I believe it is essential for the Governors to assert and maintain fidelity in States’ Rights. The first step to losing our Constitutional Rights is for the States to become obedient vassals of the Federal Government. Regardless of what the man holding Office of The President may state his powers may be.

There’s a social media platform called Sheepdog Nation, it’s primarily LEO and first responders but anyone is welcome, they don’t censor, the only rule is no nudity.

There are a lot of cops on there talking about getting out before they’re ordered to break their oaths. Some are quietly waiting for the day the order is given and will turn in their badge and department issued gear on the spot.

They’re also talking about the new breed of officer. Being a cop vs being a law enforcement officer is how they’re referring to it. There’s been a quiet drive in hiring those that follow orders and don’t care about oaths or the Constitution. There is a large sense of shared pain in that group.