Virginia may be ground zero!

That is awesome!

Just saw this on another social platform:


Lots of the FB groups had live feeds today… pretty much just a lot of folks walking around a brisk morning while extremely well armed. It was impressive. A fife and drum band. Some groups in full tactical. Most in pretty standard winter gear. Some signs, a lot of flags. A whole lot of rifles,… ARs, hunting rifles, SAWs. And one Barrett 50.


Nice interview with someone who is not white debunking the white supremacist narrative


Washington Post is actually not doing a bad job.

From a cafe owner who stayed open:

She had meant to put out a sign asking people to leave guns and placards at the door but hadn’t had time. In the end, however, it wasn’t necessary. The guns hadn’t been an issue. "Everyone has been beyond pleasant,” she said. “In fact, it was kind of fun.”

On the narative:

" It was the opposite of what they expected, and what they wanted,” said one man in a “Three Percent” militia shirt who declined to give his name. “I think they set it up to be a powder keg. They kept saying ‘Charlottesville, Charlottesville, Charlottesville.’ ”

On rally participants behavior:

Nearby, men with guns on their hips bent to scrape stray stickers representing the Virginia Civil Defense League — a pro-gun advocacy group — off the pavement or to pick up random detritus off the street. “People said there were all these potential problems,” said Alex Olenic, 74, his duck-head cane under his arm as he searched for a friend from whom he’d gotten separated. “But there isn’t even any trash.”


‘GET THE F*** OUT’: ‘Infiltrator’ Pushes Violence At 2A Rally In VA. Rally Attendees Shut It Down.


Won’t see that on MSNBC or CNN. That kind of talk doesn’t sell ads.


Heard on WRVA, a Richmond station, that a State Police source reported no violence and no arrests. Imagine that. Tens of thousands of 2A supporters and no trouble at all. What other group could assemble such numbers and show no violence or arrests? This speaks volumes about the kind of people we truly are. I could not be more proud. Hopefully, other people will take note of this. Especially with the negative press we received from the MSM. It will be tough to spin it otherwise with any credulity. God bless them all


Just got back from the rally. My best guest is that there were north of 30K people there. The line to get into the VCDL parking area was at least 2 miles long in all the directions that converged on it when we arrived. Never did make it to the parking lot, circled around and found some street parking closer to the event. It was FREEKING COLD!!! Ran into some Anifa who were being very humble even if they were carrying AR’s. I’d say 50% of the crowd was carrying openly and a lot more concealed. More than a couple handfulls of “Airsoft Cowboys” walking around in brand new plate carriers with magazines and pouches and other crap to go with their AR’s and AK’s. not my style and I’ll just stop there, they came out and were probably warmer than we were. I continuously saw Police Officers being thanked for their service offered coffee/water, one guy was even going around giving them “Hot Hands” hand warmers which I thought was great. I saw the group of Sheriff’s in the pic’s above and spoke with them a bit.

I couldn’t get to the entrance to the “Cage” as there were just too many people but the aerial pic above was NOT taken at 11:30 something because at that time the cage was full, that was about 9:30 ish if I had to guess. several rounds of “USA” went through the crowd. The wind was blowing and my hearing is shot so if there were speakers they weren’t putting out much sound. My bud had friends inside the cage and there were evidently counter protesters and they and we were yelling back and forth. all the armed folks outside the cage were happy and seemed to be having a pretty good time. Lot’s of families, women, kids, black, brown, latino, oriental the whole mish mash that makes up the USA.

Here’s a couple pics mainly from the North Weest corner of the capitol compound or to your left if you were directly in front of and facing the capitol building itself.

All in all a good day to be out practicing my first amendment right to support the second amendment.




The battle starts today. The Virginia Democrats WILL pass gun control legislation despite the will of the vast majority of Virginians. They must be voted out. For now I encourage Virginia voters to lean heavily on any Democrat in the rural counties. Let them know they will soon be unemployed.


Let’s see… we had many thousand people singing the national anthem, saying the pledge of allegiance, picking up their trash, being pleasant to vendors, minding rules, honoring fencelines, mingling in interracial and inter political and inter gender groups, and shutting down agitators… :woman_facepalming: what has our country come to :scream:
oh, right. We’re the responsible adults.


Not that they shouldn’t have worn them but I just don’t see the sea of MAGA hats the left wanted to report. I did see thousands of AR type rifles but not a single arrest. Those must have been some pretty peaceful firearms wouldn’t you say?



The Blaze did a piece at a “Green” rally a few months ago. They couldn’t believe how much garbage these “friends of the Earth” left behind.
Hats off to to our brothers!


@Michael7 It’s a real shame politicians always have a price tag on them, what they are for sale for, what they can get bought for. I guess maybe that’s one of the reasons Pres. Trump is so popular is because he isn’t for sale, not sure but it’s my guess.


Glad one of our own was there @Craig6. Thank you and thank you for the AAR.


And the picture at the bottom is an Asian woman holding a sign that says “do I look like a white supremacist to you?”

Also saw someone had a “dont tread on me” flag with a rainbow background.

And the women were there.


Some of those newly elected Democrats who ran on healthcare and education have now turned their backs on the very people who put them in office. They need to voted out. Responsible gun owners are not the problem, it’s seems to be those who know nothing about guns and only see what is on the mass media. Years ago there was a bumper sticker in Florida “If guns are outlawed only the outlaws will have guns”. Something to think about.


Watch African-American Gun Owners Completely Destroy the Left’s Latest ‘White Supremacist’ Narrative


This is exactly where I witnessed the event. Like a church social. Most polite crowd I ever experienced.