Vaultek Lifepod 1 or Lifepod 2?

Can someone compare the Vaultek Lifepod 1 and 2?

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In all these lock boxes, be they expensive or inexpensive, the cable is the weakest link. So glad I didn’t pay a lot for a large enough lock box for my weapon & some ammo.

Gun safes are great when you need them, but mine resides in my vehicle, and is almost never used, since my weapon lives on my person.

The best lock boxes will be removed from your vehicle as easily as the less expensive ones. I looked at these Vaulteks. While they are a really cool concept, I just can’t trust the cheap electronics in them. And, no matter how cool they look, they’re still plastic.

It really comes down to how you plan to be using the storage.

This is what I got, and have been happy with it for the couple of times I’ve had to use it. It holds my weapon inside its holster, and a spare or two magazines. Seems sturdily built, but you can find negative reviews on anything. Other places have it besides Amazon, but they have the reviews:

Good luck with whatever safe you decide on!


To answer your question, If you are set on a Vaultek, get the big one!


I’m actually thinking about using it for air travel. What do you think about Vaultek and the one you have for that?

I’m actually looking for something that will be good for air travel. Any ideas?

Mine is TSA compliant, Amtrak compliant and California Compliant. Have never used it for air travel. Can’t speak to the Vaultek since I have never owned one.


Pretty much anything in this category will work. Hard sided, locking (not using a TSA lock), appropriately sized for what you want/need to put in it. “TSA Compliant” and the like is just a marketing thing wise companies or retailers put onto hard sided locking or lockable containers


lockboxes with keys scare the daylights out of me. If I need it…if I’m coming out of sleep…I’ve got to remember…“now where did I put those keys?” I’d probably be best to look into the biometric models, though I perceive they all have some drawbacks. But I think I, personally, would lean towards the bio types. Right now, the bedside holster is working just fine. And I don’t have to run to the two vaults for the noisy cricket.


I feel the same way about small battery powered electro-mechanical devices made in Communist China. Everyone is different.

Agree, the bedside holster works for me too.


I have Never locked any of my weapons kids grew up with non locked weapons,they were told and knew all they had to do was ask to handle the weapons and they were all taught how to break them down and to clear the weapon


Joseph, I just flew with my Lifepod 2.0 and first time flying. If you’re just taking a small conceal carry handgun, get the 1.0. If you’re taking a conceal carry handgun, and a full size, get the 2.0. The tray will not be usable, but on the lid there’s straps that will secure your magazines. Electronics in it work fine.

Yes it’s a bit expensive, but I think it’s worth it.


Thanks for that, it was very helpful. Does the regular 2.0 have the fingerprint option or is that a special model?

That’s a special model.

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What’s the exact model? I like that feature…

Just when you select the colors next to the name will be (biometric) for the ones that are.


Question do you have a wife that works at the counter in Detroit airport?

No…I live in the free state of Florida.

Okay just asking because one of the lady’s checking my luggage complimented the case and was asking where she could get one for her husband.


How do you access the contents if the battery dies?

According to the descriptions I read they come with backup keys.