Vaultek Lifepod 1 or Lifepod 2?

Batteries last a very long time in electronic safes. I have one (though not biometric) and the batteries last pretty much as long as their shelf-life. If you are concerned, you can always check/change them for fresh batteries on a scheduled time table.

[Edit] I do not keep my EDC in that safe, it is either on my person or very close by, such as holstered on the night table or on my desk while working from home.

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So you have to use the backup keys, as long as you haven’t disabled the key. You also can get a cord for it, doesn’t come with it, to plug into a wall to access it.

Note, without a power source, you will not be able to lock the safe. They key only unlocks.

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Yeah, I’m running a couple of Canon’s, and you’re right: I don’t own one of the little jobs.

just make sure the gun you are using will fit. The LifePod 1.0 likely won’t handle a full size handgun. My M17 with light. It barely fit in it and wasn’t enough room for a 2nd magazine.


My batteries last a super long time. Like, a year or two, across multiple electronic safes, from lifepod size up to a couple rifles size.

Faster and more reliable than using a key and more difficult for unauthorized access too (no unsecured key to be found).

/posted from and likely read from an electronic battery powered device made in China

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If that’s the same size of the 17? How come I could get both the Glock 43 and the Glock 17 in my life pod case?

Because you have the Lifepod 2.0 which is bigger than the Lifepod 1.0. The one on the left is the 2.0 which is what you showed in all your videos. The one on the right is the Lifepod 1.0.

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Oh didn’t make that distinction on my part.

And I said it was the lifepod 1.0 that might not fit a full-size handgun