#gunsafety2020 Your favorite nightstand safe?

There’s a lot of debate about how to stage a firearm in your nightstand safe in case there’s a break-in in the middle of the night. Should you keep the gun loaded with one in the chamber and in a trigger cover/holster or unloaded with the slide locked open and loaded magazines next to it in the safe? Staging your firearms safely and securely is important as a responsibly armed American.

Some of how you stage your firearm depends on the size of your safe.

What safe do you use for staging your gun at night? How do you recommend those new to guns stage their guns for the night?

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I use a Stack On(forgot the model) it’s small enough to sit on a small book shelf, and big enough to house 2 guns, and a few other things I wouldn’t want to be deprived of. It has a keypad, with a keyed backup. It also has anchors, so you can’t just take it, without the wall behind it. It is literally eye level, when I’m in my bed, and at arms length. I’ve practiced enough with it, I can open it with my eyes shut.


You nailed it when you said you practiced until the movements became natural.
That is wisdom at work.
I’d give you two thumbs up, but they’re busy with this keypad right now.


Personally I don’t use a safe at night, I have my gun on my nightstand cocked and locked with an extra magazine sitting next to it. I have no children or anyone untrained or unauthorized around to have to worry about anything accidentally happening. If I do have to leave the gun at home I generally lock it in the case it came in or in a small RIFD Chip controlled gun safe which also has biometric and key locks.

I use a Vaultek, because I’m a sucker for technology. Its one of the larger ones that houses 2 firearms and a spare mag for each. I leave it open at night, so I just need to reach into it to grab a firearm. When I’m out of the house it gets locked (biometric, keypad, and key) and it’s anchored with a cable lock. No children here to worry about.

Same here. I just remove my appendix carry rig with attached mag holder and place on nightstand. If something goes bump I’m ready. I’ve measured the distance from my spot to the door and just use my EDC P365 with 12 round mag and one in the pipe.

With only my wife and I at home my gun rests next to me in an IWB holster next to a spare mag on my nightstand. I have a safe in the closet for another weapon and my EDC if i am leaving home without it.

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I live alone. I live in Texas. I just staged my gun on my nightstand. Going to sleep. Goodnight everyone.


It’s a surprise.
A complete and total surprise.
(Wouldn’t want to spoil it, right?)

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Just me in the house so basically, on my bed at the head I sleep tucked even though I’m longer than my bed, I have 1-2 guns loaded and holstered, (trigger protected and safety on) above my head pointed in a safe direction with a couple soft cases to hold them in place…

On my side of the bed is a Vaultek VT safe which hold a gun and magazine. On my wife side is a vaultek slider which holds a glock 23 and one magazine.

Not getting any kickback for this but my nightstand safe is the USCCA biometric safe.

I keep two handguns in there, both loaded ready to go, both in holsters. It also has an extra mag, 2 speed loaders and a mini motion sensor light.


Vaultek slider safe with the nano key instant deployment. One in the chamber, but hammer down (1911) only because I’m worried about spring fatigue if I leave the hammer cocked. Is this crazy/irrational? Can someone help alleviate this concern?

I’d say talk with a local gunsmith about the spring fatigue. I’m guessing they’re designed to be cocked and locked for a long time without wearing out - based on the design of the firearm.

Also, if you’re really concerned, you could have the spring replaced on a maintenance schedule with a gunsmith. :woman_shrugging:

What make/model is it, @Terence1? I’ll see if I can do some digging on my end as well.

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Thanks @Dawn! Upon further consideration, I decided it is an irrational concern, particularly since I still take it to the range at least a couple times a month. And given that, I really probably should set up some kind of maintenance schedule to check/replace springs on a more routine basis. I am curious what the life of these springs are though - I think I saw the recoil spring should be replaced about every 10,000 rounds or so, but can’t find any real guidance. I’d be curious to see what you can find! I have a Ruger SR1911 and a Sig P238.

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I think it’s a valid concern - wanting to make sure your firearm is in the best working condition possible for self-defense is important. :slight_smile:

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I live alone so I just have a magnetic mount mounted to the inside of my nightstand drawer.

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