Do not keep a gun on your nightstand

Do not keep a gun on your nightstand

I can’t remember where I came across this bit of advice. Instead, put your handgun on a dresser or table across the room when you are sleeping. The rationale is that the prosecutor will claim that you were not sufficiently awake to identify the target and to make a reasoned decision to shoot.

EDIT - This is not my advice.

What say you?


How can the prosecutor prove that my gun was on my nightstand?

What was the intruder doing in my bedroom carrying a knife?


I have two on my night stand… and 1 more in the drawer.


I have one in the closet, Nancy has hers on her nightstand and I sleep with one under my pillow,
She whispers to me in my sleep. :wink:


Ever walk into the doorframe on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Still asleep even having traversed the entire room.


Bad advice. Besides, the prosecutor will say whatever they’re inclined to say, regardless of anything you do, however reasonable.

I thought it was just me.

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.

And neither does the prosecutor.


I’m screwed… :rofl:


Have a young son so mine is in a quick access safe. I have practiced opening it in a hurry in the middle of the night but also have a tactical flashlight and pepper spray nearby if I’m not given the couple seconds I need to open the safe.

If you wake me up by breaking into my house I’m awake enough to identify you are not my family or guest and treat you appropriately.


As a devoted Sig owner, I feel I’m obligated to ask: Because they’re all Glocks? :laughing:


I go both ways;) Glock at home and usually Sig on the go.




I like SIGs too, and there are two 1911s in the drawer under the Glocks. Just had a big multi-platform range day. I was being sarcastic, trying to be funny, giving my perspective of the OP premise… :grin:


I’m transglock.:rofl:

Oh, I will definitely be awake enough after hearing my Staffy/Foxhound sinking his teeth into the unwanted visitor in my house, He bites harder when people scream.
So, no matter which firearm is closer I don’t think I’m going to be worried if it is on my nightstand or my pillow.


Staging your firearms statically is the key to a good home defense. If someone breaks the door down and comes in your house, how long will it take you to be able to respond?


Notice one is aligned “perfectly” with the corner edge of the night stand? And all the night sights are facing me.


I don’t know what Mr. Stewart might do but he is a wise. D.A. and I know for certain his once was a judge for criminal cases.

However, I could have three pistols under my pillow and if the threat didn’t impose a threat to my life and hearkens to my verbal commands than he,she [or] they will NOT come into contact with use of deadly force.

Mr. Stewart is fond of Louisiana law and justifiable use of deadly force. I know for certain he would not look where my firearm was stored in determining the case. Matter of fact, I’m certain he would thank God that his law abiding citizen was able to quickly preserve the lives of his/her loved ones.

Now, in your state it could be you have a duty to retreat. In addition your state could have a law making you lock your firearms up. But we are pretty lose down here.

Not loose enough to lose money our state is illegally transferring to themselves for a piece of plastic given to you with promise of renewal or return if expires, or revoked.

I think the US constution layed that out in 1788 in the documents rafication.

Yet we add all sorts of burndens on all our human rights. Just don’t makes sense!


I would think that who/what you shot would define whether you were sufficiently awake or not.


I do keep mine in a holster, just so I don’t hit the trigger instead of the snooze button… But keeping one across the room makes no sense to me.


I liked it. It was a good counter take on the original post. I laughed.


If I’m conscious enough to reach for the gun, I’m reasonably awake.


If you had 3 pistols under your pillow you’d be awake so no problem.

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