CCMW question: "bedside" gun (and staging method)


For an upcoming piece in Concealed Carry Magazine, I’d like to ask y’all one of our “group therapy” questions. Please feel free to share answers, if you’d like. (And let me know if you prefer that I do NOT share your first name, last initial, if I need to quote you.)

QUESTION: What gun do you keep near your bed for home defense at night, and how is it holstered/staged?



I have a Sig P320-M17 that I carry in a Vedder IWB holster. The holster comes off my belt and on to the nightstand when it’s time for bed. Reverse process in the morning. When the pants go on the holster goes on the belt.

Michael B


1911 45 ACP in a shoulder holster hanging from the head board. Nearly as close as having it under my pillow. :slight_smile:


Walther Creed containing 16 Federal Premium LE Tactical HST HP 124gr rounds mounted to the bed frame with a magnet. Easy access for both of us when in bed, or in that area of the house. Mossberg 500 also readily available.


Thank you. My night stand is to my right side. I keep my Sig P320-M17 on top of it, angled in such a manner that my hand is aligned with the grip. It is not in a holster and has one in the chamber. It is equiped with a Streamlight TLR 8, set to project the light and laser at the same time. I also have a backup flashlight and a good blade on the shelf below the weapon. My wife is also armed with a revolver on her side. I will be greatly interested in other members solutions.


I don’t know if Beth will need this for the article, but I have a curiosity follow up question: Do you have children living in the home with you or others who would be in other bedrooms of the home?

With my granddaughter in the home, I’ve changed my bedside gun staging method to include more safety precautions.


The nightstand gun is a Glock 17, with a Streamlight TLR-8 set for laser/light combo (like @Virgil_H), running Federal 147gr HST, in a Vaultek VT series quick access safe.

It is in Condition 3 (mag inserted, no round in chamber), with a spare mag lying next to it. There is a flashlight on the stand (not in the safe).

I wrestle with keeping it in Condition 3 vs Condition 0 (mag inserted, round in chamber). I think there is a decent risk of an AD/ND when reaching down into the safe and grabbing the grip in a hurry while half-asleep, and maybe putting a finger through the trigger guard. My carry firearms are Condition 0/1 but they have a holster to protect the trigger area.

@Dawn no more kids in the house, but everything is locked up regardless.


No children or grandchildren in the house for me so I can get away with my firearm out in the open.


Ruger SR9c with full sized mag and Streamlight TLR-4 attached stuck to a magnetic holster on the inside of my top drawer.

But it’s soon to be housed in this once it arrives and I get it mounted to the side of my nightstand:

No kids, just two cats which is why I can’t just have it sitting on the nightstand.


I have my .45 under my pillow w/light, 12 ga. w/light in the closet w/5 rnds.(old beater but good shooter) 40 rnds. buck ans slug 12 ga. on a over the shoulder belt w/ 2 extra .45 mags, flashlight and 5" blade knife.
Nancy has a revolver on her nightstand and a small semi auto in her drawer and a cell phone to call 911. No kids less worry. I have also put a pair of Walker Ear Muffs on each side of our bed if time permitting. Bruce S and Nancy C.



I have a TSA approved safe mounted on side of nightstand, it has a tap card that I attach to wrist at night. Something goes bump, I tap card and get my Glock 30.

Was a thread on here about press checks and I had gotten in the habit of doing a press check every morning, and anytime I had not had positive physical control. @Zee pointed out that was alot of extra administrative handling of the gun, so I sat down and had a good long think about it and agreed with @Zee, so I secured it in a one gun safe with fast access.

@Beth if you do use mine please use Zavier D


No one here but me and wife but I am always armed. The very few times that our friends come over with kids all guns are locked away except what’s on my side.

Secret :chipmunk: edit: if I have time due to dogs alerting,

I will armor up, and grab the above out of my safe and get to my prepositioned steel and granite island at the top of the only entrance to where the people and goodies are. I run a.multiple dog and technology alarm system.


I have a two gun safe under the bed with a simplex lock. To me, my guns have two places they reside. Either on my person, or locked up.
Are there small kids around my house? No, not usually. But there are neighbor kids, and visitors.
I know this guy–Murphy. He’s messed me up a lot in the past. His law–if things can go wrong, they usually do and at the worst possible time.
Take that to the this discussion. For me, the 2-3 second difference in getting my gun out from the safe under the bed is a price I’m willing to pay for the knowledge that there aren’t any guns that aren’t locked up.
There are some things I really want to prevent–a tragedy involving one of my guns probably tops the list, given that the responsibility for the firearm is mine.


I agree with the condition concern. I made sure to get my Sig with the external safety, which helps in my mind. Do you like your TLR 8 as much as I do?


Hello. No kids for me. Just the wife and I. When grandkids come over everything goes in the safe. Great question ma’am.


My edc M&P 45 Compact, and my Ruger GP100 .357 mag revolver are both in a quick safe, on a small book shelf that is literally inches from my head when I sleep. I can open it blindfolded. There is also a loaded 12 gauge shotgun in my gun cabinet. All are locked, since we have a child in the house.


I have p365 in appendix holster on nightstand with safe nearby containing g19 w/olight pl mini 2 loaded and ready to go


I have a rubber coated magnet double sticky taped to my wood bed frame down at my right hand. One gun right now, Sig P365


No kids. On the nightstand. No holster. Round chambered. Glock 43 today, it’s my birthday tomorrow so it will be replaced by a new Glock 17. The 43 will be for EDC concealed, the 17 for home defense and open carry. Happy Valentines Day-Birthday @TexasEskimo. Oh… thanks.


Mossberg 590 A1, staged on brackets mounted to frame rails.


410 Mossberg cruiser pump (less lethal) behind headboard, sig (40) or Glock(45) in a Blackhawk bedside mattress holster, night stand has a biometric and button pistol safe… No children and when they were they were trained,if a weapon wasn’t carried,it was in a safe rifles and pistols. In those days ammunition was kept in its own separate safe on the other side of the room.

Now days weapons and ammunition is stored in safes and excess ammunition is stored elsewhere.
All weapons are racked, safety is on on the long guns.
All choke points and areas of egress or barricade are factored into room design