Under Car Seat Safes, Quick Car Access, & Bedroom Access

Hi everyone! I’m looking for three things: 1) an under-the-car seat pistol safe with a tether, 2) a Velcro holster I can mount under my dash or to my center console in case I don’t want to carry AIWB while I drive, and 3) some quick access options for my bedroom.

  1. It doesn’t have to have quick access, but that would be nice. Basically, I will only use it if I can’t carry a pistol where I’m headed, but I can have one before and after that time. If it is TSA-approved, that would be a plus for traveling.

  2. I’m looking for a solid Velcro holster to place under my dash or to my center counsel for a Walther PDP Compact 4" barrel that will eventually have a WML and optics. I plan to use this holster if and when AIWB carry becomes uncomfortable while driving. Honestly, it might be better to use this whenever I’m driving because I’ll likely have a quicker draw than if I needed to unholster in a car from an AIWB holster.

  3. I’m looking for quick-access bedroom options. I want a quick-access safe and a bedside or under-the-desk Velcro holster. The safe is for when I’m away and, for whatever reason, cannot have the pistol on me or in my vehicle, or if I have children over and don’t have the pistol on me. The bedside access is something I’d put the gun in while I sleep. I’d like it to be inconspicuous, if at all possible.

Any suggestions?

Quick option is to have single holster that can be mounted in all 3 places without removing the gun from it.

I personally use NeoMag Alias System.

  1. Bottom Mount Holster Clip (this one replaced original clip in AIWB holster)
  2. Belt Bracket Receiver (for belt)
  3. Hard Mount Receiver (for car’s dash and bedroom nightstand)

Check details here:

Cannot tell anything about under seat safe, but I’m guessing you will receive plenty of info soon.


Just wrote in another thread about the Hornady Alpha Elite Lock box I use. It’s tall enough inside (2.25 inches) to allow storing of my firearm in its holster, as well as two spare mags.


Saw you mentioned Alias before. I went to website and I’m going to try this. I like the idea the pistol stays holstered from belt to clip in truck. The one thing that I didn’t see is how you remove the holster from the belt clip as opposed to drawing the gun without bringing the holster as well. Is there a button of some sort?


I have used and liked these for a long time


I personally do not like taking the gun off your person in the vehicle. Nobody is perfect, people forget things, I worry that at some point…it only takes once…the gun will be left in the car.

There is also the potential situation where you have to bail out of the car right now and your choice will be…bail out without a gun, or bail out with a gun in your hand. Or sit in the burning/being shot at/sinking car playing with the gun/holster. Just, my thoughts


There is a release slide / button on the bottom of each receiver:

You either slide #1 or push #2

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I’ll try and find the YT page but there’s a guy that breaks into safes and he’s really good at it. I watched him break into a safe with plastic eating utensils he got at McDonalds. He actually recommended this safe in a video. I want to get it at some point but it’s expensive.

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You can find all these at Amazon.


Only thing I don’t like about this safe is the cost. Not worth the price for me.

Thanks, They are out of stock for the truck mount so I’ll have to keep an eye out. Glad you put this link here, I think this is what I’ve been looking for

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There are few other systems doing the same … but NeoMag Alias is the smallest one and fits perfectly 1.5" belt without even showing its existence.
This is how it looks without AIWB holster mounted:

A 2024-01-16 11-56-35

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I use the Vaultek slider for the bedroom. There’s an option for a remotely mounted button for quick access.


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Crossbreed has a modular system with velcro that seems decent, though I haven’t used it much. I’ve been trying to figure out how to carry while mountain biking and bought their bellyband, which uses a holster with velcro backing to attach to the band. I didn’t care for the bellyband at all. But the holster itself is well made. They also sell parts with velcro to mount to your bed or elsewhere.

For under the seat, I use one of the Hornady lock boxes. They’re well made and you can usually find them on sale. I try never to use it, but it’s there for occasional trips to the Post Office or other gov’t bldgs.

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Thieves watch parking lots to spot people stowing their firearm under the seat in a lock box before they enter a “gun free” zone. It is pretty easy to tell who they are. They are the ones whose heads are bobbing up and down - now you see them, now you don’t (get your minds out of the gutter). You need to set up your lock box so you can retrieve it without reaching under the seat. I set mine up such that the cable looped up slightly at the front of the seat. I could reach the cable and pull the box up to my lap without attracting any attention. Slide my gun into the box, lock it, use the cable to lower it to the floor, and push it back under the seat with my foot. Easy peasy and Bob’s your uncle.


The only problem with the Vaultek slider is I haven’t found a pistol/red dot combination that can fit into one. Iron sights, no problem all the way up to a 2011, but put an optic on top of just about anything I’ve looked at and it’s a quick no-go.

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That’s wierd. Wonder what firearm/optic combination they are showing in the video. Looks like a Sig.

The new model supports optics. I also just modified my old version with a dremel and now it fits a Glock 17 with Holosun and light.


Maybe that was the issue…I haven’t looked at any of the newer ones.

I’m going to adopt that from you! That’s a great idea!

Hi Alex, We have 2 under the car seat / Trunk safes with locking cables. We gotten ours from E-bay. As far as under the dash type, I have a magnetic mounts, but don’t use it in my vehicles, because of exposed visibility. I use them in my Camper. …Mark