Holster system for home defense

So I have a Glock 17 with a Streamlight TLR-7.

It’s currently my home defense gun.

I’m looking for a holster system I can use to attach underneath my table, to the side of my chair and the side of my couch.

I ordered a Crossbreed LDS 2.0 Modular holster which works well with my Crossbreed backup, but I ordered velcro patches from crossbreed.

And the glue doesn’t hold up against my chair and couch when I put my 17 on it, for the underneath the table the glue was strong enough to hold the gun. But the velcro was too strong to break the holster from the velcro and the velcro came apart on that too.

Any advice?


Why not give this a try. I don’t personally own one but the Alias looks very promising.

Best of luck.


Self-adhesive can be challenging. A lot of porous, or oil finish, or film finish surfaces will be difficult or impossible to get a durable grip. Forget fabric; wood may be a problem.
Best is a non-porous plastic or metal surface.

  • Round velcro corners before application, so they resist peeling back;
  • degrease the mounting surface with alcohol or stronger solvent;
  • apply firm pressure across mating surfaces, like with a roller or smooth hammer face;
  • leave at least 24hr for the adhesive to set before applying any load.

An alternative would be the Pac-Mat or Purse Defender which you could screw or pop-rivet to a difficult surface.

It’s not clear exactly what you’re doing with the modular holster — three separate holsters for table, chair and sofa? Or trying to move one holster from velcro patch to velcro patch as you move around? It’s best to think of the modular holster affixed to sheet velcro as a semi-permanent positioning — attach as lightly as possible until you figure out exactly where it needs to be, then press firmly to get the hook and pile completely stuck. Leave it until you get a new sofa, or new gun.

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I’m trying to make it where I detach the holster from my bedside back up, if I’m eating at the table have it underneath the table, I go to sit on the couch, move the holster to the couch, sitting In my chair move the holster to the chair.

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That’s kind of what I thought. I don’t think a single Crossbreed modular holster with multiple velcro flats scattered around is going to end up working out. I use one to fix a gun in an off-body bag, and if I need to adjust how it rides it takes a 15min wrestling match — mostly to pry the holster hooks from its firm grip on the pile base, but also false starts to get the new location set right. Works well because it is very secure and very adaptable — but it doesn’t allow one holster to easily substitute for four.

Maybe the NeoMag/Alias thing @Frank73 suggested would work. Their website is a hot mess, and there doesn’t appear to be a functional search nor a way to grab a URL for the “Receiver Hard Mount” — which is the product you’d be trying to find. I couldn’t figure out whether that would commit you to a new holster, or new belt clips, or what all. But it seems designed to work with some kind of regular belt holster, not the velcro modular.

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That’s my thought process too. Purchase a half dozen receiver mounts and attach them where you want things staged and then simply keep the firearm in the holster of choice and move it as you wish. It’s about as cost effective as purchasing a new holster altogether.

I concur on the web page. That thing needs work, what a hot mess that is! But they do have an “al a carte” menu found here.

PS Edit: Okay,

I bit the hook and I ordered the 3 piece kit with extra hardware for a high holster mount. I’ll see how this thing works and report back on my findings. I mean, I really cannot suggest something unless I try it myself, correct?

Stay safe out there.

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When I’m home, EDC.
Leave my holstered gun on the floor at bedside.

Might have to check it out. I believe for the chair and the couch I’ll just use the Crossbreed bedside holster just put the piece that goes between the box spring and mattress underneath the cushion. Only problem I have with that is instead of the gun being next to me and facing the wall so when I have a visitor it’s out of sight, it’s in front of me behind my legs and my feet.

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Just thinking through your game plan a bit, if bad guy bursts through door or window while you’re reclining during “TV hour” then you’re all set. As long as you practice shooting from recline. :wink:

But if you get up to greet visitors at the door, do you go unarmed? Or take the mattress thing with you? Always wear belt and holster so you can drop the gun in to answer the door? If I stage a gun off-body in plain sight, I will put it “away” when receiving guests.

“Away” for me might mean into storage, or into another room, or just put it on under a cover garment, depending upon who the guests are or might be. Planning for that transition is important if you don’t rely on hired security to answer your doorbell.

That’s exactly why I want to try this Alias system. The receiver is mounted to a stationary device and the belt receiver is well … on my belt. Knock at the door … I have to move, I slide holster and firearm off the stationary mount and AIWB clicking it into the Alias receiver. And there you go.

I’ll try it just like that when it arrives and report back.

Stay safe out there. Great job @Forensic_Wow and @techs for conducting mental exercises for us all to learn from. Good stuff!


I actually want to get a ring camera for that. But my lease says I can’t attach adhesive or screws to doors or walls.

I was talking to one of the other tenants and they said the landlord came in and removed all chain locks from the doors. For what purpose idk. So I put door stop alarms behind the door.


Maybe to keep push-in burglaries from tearing up the woodwork?
Door stops and alarms, good idea.


This holster fits between the mattress & box spring. It was about $20 on Amazon

Update on the NeoMag Alias system that I purchased. I mounted the system to my AIWB holster for a Glock 19. The holster is made by Werkz and is the M6 model. It came stock with a “wedge” to push the holster closer to the body for deeper concealment.

The Alias holster mount that I chose was a “top mount” configuration that is used to replace the Werkz single belt clip. The Alias belt slide receiver went on the belt (Kore X7) with no problem and little adjustment.

When I inserted the holster the first time inside my waistband at the AIWB position, the Werkz holster bulged further out that it normally did with the single belt clip installed. So, I thought that removing the wedge would work.

So, I removed the holster from my waist and removed the “wedge”, reinserted the holster again and the bulge remained making the entire rig not very “concealable” in comparison with what my original set up would be. I felt like I had a huge goiter on my appendix. Not good at all in my opinion.

It is my opinion that the “hook” that I attached to my holster to replace my original belt clip has too large a gap. I realize that for this clip to insert into the belt receiver, by design, it probably has to be this way.

But to be honest with you, the entire holster mount portion of the Alias seems to be a solution in search of a problem. It doesn’t make a regular AIWB holster system anymore slim-line than the original manufacturer did in the first place. At least not my Workz M6. So what’s the point in buying this?

Maybe someone else would simply like to be able to have a “snap in, snap out” feature for their EDC. Or, perhaps the hard-mount function has it’s purpose. But, I am a bit disappointed in this offering overall because if it had worked for me, I would have immediately installed the hard-mount for the Werkz rig and used this to hide and carry.

So, I contacted their customer service at NeoMag and requested a return and refund. They responded by requiring me to fill out paperwork to explain my reasons for returning it and also asked me to send them photos. They also charge a restocking fee. Whatever …

I’m too busy for that nonsense so, the Alias will sit in the box in a drawer full of other misfits.

My rating is 3 out of 5 stars. Good luck, your mileage may vary.

Stay safe out there.

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Perhaps I’m missing the boat here, guys, but what’s with all the furniture, under the table attachment stuff? I carry concealed unless I’m in the shower or in bed. Why would you not want a gun on your person if you are up and walking around? Chances are that any gun attached to a piece of furniture will always be in the other room or on the other side of the room you occupy.

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I do not always have a gun on my person, but my primary at-home “staging” is in its holster on the table or counter where I am active; within a step or two when I am moving around and immediately available to put on if a visitor approaches or I need to be circulating farther.

Two adult household, my general mobility is good, and my residence is extremely difficult to approach undetected for a “burst-in” attack, so I’m ok that my access is a second or two slower than if the gun were on my belt. Seems like only very particular special cases where fixing a gun to a piece of furniture (or moving one gun between several fixed positions) would be a compelling solution.

Always EDC when at home. If someone I don’t know is at the door, I would take a magazine (w/my right hand) to cover the firearm. Keeping my thumb over the magazine while still holding the firearm. Simple.
Makes it look like you were reading and just got off the couch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love that idea! I got so many USCCA magazines s