Carrying in the Car


Ever since I started to carry I’ve always carried on my body in the car. But the more I think about the possibility of being attacked while I’m in my car the more I realize that I’d have the hardest time getting to my gun while in the car (especially with a seat belt) since I carry at the 4 o’clock position roughly. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for securing a gun in the car while retaining concealment, yet maintaining availability.


@luke_ouellette I’ve been thinking about that a bit too. I’ve been thinking maybe a holster mounted in the center console arm rest.


One thing I do is use Velcro straps mounted to the side of my drivers seat or on to the consol… and Velcro the side arm in… it takes a couple straps and time to figure out how it’s comfortable for you to grab it… but it works…

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Great catch on your part, Luke! Drawing from the 4 o’clock while seated isn’t easy - and is even harder when you’ve got a seatbelt on.

I’ve heard of using velcro on a holster and special holsters mounted in the car. There’s an Into the Fray that shows a different option - it’s a clip that secures a Hawgholster to an unused seatbelt receptacle. The Gozenta Multi Tool connects the holster to the seatbelt and has a bottle opener, Hex drivers, a 2 inch ruler and wrenches.


Check out the phantom holsters.


I moved mine to the 3oclock and when being attacked you don’t want to stay in the car get out draw on the way out in steps and even do it all the time you get out even if you don’t need to draw 1 take your left hand and place it on your chest slide it under the seat belt and down to the lock in the same motion place you hand on your wepon after you pop the lock swing the belt aside and grab the door handle this way the belt will not catch on you and hold you in the car then when you open the door use your foot to push the door open and hold on to the door as it opens at this time lean out and start your draw when out extend it between the door and car till you have good footing or lol use a magnet


Good advice, I’m going to practice that daily.


I would practice it daily if 1) my driver door wasn’t on the side where the house is with my parents, brothers and dogs. 2) if I wasn’t in plain sight of the road, passerby and neighbors. So I’m stuck with not being able to practice that sort of thing unfortunately.


Practice it at the range, if there’s an outdoor range around where you live.


well that’s the other issue: the only outdoor range I go to is owned by a friend I know from a church I used to attend. And when we go there, there’s no way to really practice that safely either without pointing a firearm towards someone or in a place where people and vehicles are going to and from occasionally. Plus I don’t think he’d like that on his range even if I wasn’t shooting…


Understandable. Practice without drawing. Practice just the motions of clearing the segment seatbelt and opening the door.


That’s a good idea. I can start doing that when I drive to work and not ride with my boss. Or when I get home from days I run errands.

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Always a way. I dry fire anywhere I can. The more practice I get, the more confident I get.

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If you have access to a old school desk, the one with the desk attached to the chair… if opening is on the left it would be the correct poison for you… might need to take a job saw and open up the sitting birth a bit, but it would work…


I carry a 730 owb… so I rip the belt off… and I rock right kicking the door open, so when I step out with my left I’m already drawing… when I IWB in small of back, I twist right elbowing the door open so I can draw and step in one motion

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Someone sells this magnetic thingy that allows you to stick your gun under the dashboard. I have to say, before doing this, please check the laws in your state to see if its legal to have a firearm in your car but not on your person, The laws can be a bit difficult to translate, so be careful folks and check it out first. I carry at 3:00, and can get mine out very quickly, I’m trying to get the board of directors to give me the money to buy a cheap car to use in IDPA and USPSA events, so we can use it as a learning tool. As there is with most B of D panels, there’s a lot of red tape, I hope to get it done though.


I forgot to say the BoD for my gun club.


Great point, @Steve-G! Here’s the USCCA’s free state-by-state interactive guide for carry laws for everyone’s reference:


I didn’t know that there were laws in some states that could mess with putting a gun in your car but not on you.

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That’s a great link Dawn, great tool to have, Thanks for posting that.

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