Gun Safe for 2017 Ford Escape

I am looking for a gun safe option that I can use in my Ford Escape 2017. I would like to be able to remove my handgun for storage before I leave the vehicle. I am open to recommendations.

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These are awesome, well made, and not pricey. Fits most any pistol and a mag or two. Or two boxes of ammo. I have 4 all keyed alike. Note that it’s harder to get more than one set of two that are keyed alike. I had to order several pair-sets and return most of them. One key that fits all of them is great.

SnapSafe Lock Box Keyed Alike

Thanks for the reference. I found a box from Hornaday that seems good: Hornady Steel Keyed TriPoint Lock Box

Vaultek lifepod! I’ve owned a liberty safe for my truck and while it got the job done, I upgraded and I’m definitely getting my money worth. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

now I know what I HAVE TO HAVE for my birthday. SWEET.

Fyi for those not already in the know, there’s a security issue, depending on which model you get (that is when it was manufactured/sold). Apparently you can reset the passcode (while closed and locked) with a fork. The issue has been fixed but you need to make sure that you have that correct version so to speak. Vaultek mentions this on their site, so make sure you read up on that. Link below:

Hope this helps.

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Oh man, now I also have to add a fork to my EDC belt and cuff key??? Where does it end…?

Why do you like that one better?
Looks the same to me, just twice the price.

And easy enough to pick I guess, if you have 45 seconds…
Go to minute 2:45 in video:

To be fair, it’s probably the same with most any of them though. Stops the smash and grab, but not a truly secure place to store things. Although they do satisfy CA laws for weapon storage.