Gun safe information paralysis

I’ve been looking for a “bedside” gun safe for my P365XL and a spare mag or two. I’ve been all over the net including here and everytime I think I have my mind made up, I read some article that says they don’t like that one and I’m back to square one. Looking for something my wife won’t mind seeing in our room, reliable, key backup (I’m a stickler for a non-electric backup method). Biometric and RFID is cool, but not necessary. Any thoughts?

So far I’ve considered:

  • Vaultek V series 10 and 20
  • Gunbox 2.0
  • Fort Knox (no way my wife would approve this look!)
  • Hornady RapidSafe

I liked that some of them had battery and AC power, not entirely battery.

Do you already have one in your car?
Would it be nice if the same key opened both?

I don’t already have one in my car, but that’s a good thing to consider. Thanks!

Have you looked into the Vaultek Slider? It can be mounted on the side of your nightstand so it doesn’t even take up any real estate.

I got the one with bluetooth, but no fingerprint. I also added on the remote button. I have mine mounted behind the nightstand. Nobody sees it walking into and around our bedroom. The remote button is mounted behind the headboard out of sight, but within easy reach while lying down. I have the Slider plugged in permanently so no worrying about battery going dead. At night, I pop the slider open for easy access, then slide the door close in the morning.

Fits my G17 with light & laser + 1 mag.

I think all of those choices are reasonable. Remember, you are not trying to prevent Oceans Eleven from getting into your safe.

You are trying to keep your kids, grandkids, nephews, neices, neighbor’s kids, the plumber, your roommate, your roommate’s friends who shouldnt have access out of your firearms. For most of them, if its not interesting looking (aka blends in to your decor) they wont notice it or mess with it. There is a very narrow age range in children where they are capable of figuring out how a keycode works and are patient enough to sit there and try different combinations systematically, so that may or may not figure in your process.

Criminals are generally not going to spend a bunch of time in your home. Usually they are in/out in 10 minutes or less with whatever they can carry. Unless you’ve been “marked” as a target with a safe and firearms they wont be bringing in saws, bolt-cutters. They may try and smash it open (throw on ground, hit with something else heavy), or they may have brought a pry tool/crow bar (those are easy to hide/carry). They may try and just take the safe though if its not bolted down and it doesnt prevent them from lugging out other goods.

All of the ones with keys, are going to be susceptible to a lock picker who knows what they’re doing.
All of the ones with fobs, are susceptible to the burglar being better at knowing where you hide things than you are at hiding them (if they aren’t on your person).
All of the simplex locks (Fort Knox in your list), are susceptible to someone who can systematically go through all of the possible combinations (a little over 1000 combinations, roughly 15 mins, because non-electronic there is no lockout period after X invalid tries).
The Vaultek (I have one) & Fort Knox (built like a tank) I am pretty confident in their ability to resist prying. You can probably look at/google the Gunbox and Rapidsafe to see if they are pry resistant, I am guessing they are.

All safes have weaknesses, its best to consider just the most likely scenarios. Don’t let people have unfettered access to your box (security through obscurity helps here). Bolt or tie down the safe to something secure. Be mindful of where you keep fobs. All of the ones you listed will likely keep out unwanted users in any reasonably likely scenario. So that means… buy whichever one your wife likes the look of the best :wink:

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I’ve mentioned these elsewhere, not because I have anything to gain, but just because they satisfy the need and don’t cost more than they should. And you can get two or more keyed alike. Which was important for me. Two cars and two different rooms, all on same key. I prefer physical keys over codes or fobs.

There is a trick on the Simplex locks that greatly increase number of combinations to open it. the problem with it is you almost always need two hands to open it and it is difficult to do in a stress situation.

The Simplex lock has a hidden feature called a half step. This is where you push the button down half way when you set the combination (you stop before it clicks). You can do this with more than one button but it must be the last button(s) you use in the combination.

Using all five buttons with a half step on the end will greatly increase the time it takes to open the lock.

I own a couple of Simplex locks (not just for gun safes) and I use to repair them when I was a locksmith (for over 20 years). Using the “half step” gives the systematic combo runner fits when it doesn’t open after going through all the normal sequences.

If you are going to try to set the half step make sure you do it with the door in the open position. It is much easier to “fix it” if you mess it up while setting it, when the door is open with access to the mechanism


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Yeah, looks cool but my nightstand is open on the bottom, nowhere to mount it. Maybe I need to order some new furniture :grin:

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@PDA3. Question for u about that slider safe: Can the grip orientation/direction be swapped or is it 1 way only?
Reason I ask is, if I were to ever buy one, I’d want it between my bed and my nightstand on my right, and am right handed mostly…so, I’d want the thing to slide open on my right to allow a RH draw from it. Can it configure for that??
Thx for any info!

@Smiddy the slider can be mounted from the left or right side. If your nightstand is on your right, the drawer can slide towards the front or back. Also, the foam inside the drawer can be turned around.

So you can have different combinations. Drawer slides to the front with gun grip oriented towards the back. Drawer slides forward with grip oriented towards the front. Similar grip orientation options with drawer sliding towards the back.

Install a brace between the legs so you can screw on the mounting plate. The mounting plate also looks nice so it adds a cool factor even when exposed. :wink:

Haha! That’s funny! No chance that’s gonna happen.

@PDA3 - Exactly wat I needed to know :slight_smile: Thx!!

I really really like that safe. IF at some point my nighttime placement of the 1911 must change for some crazy reason, I’ll be buying 1.
End added text here*

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Interesting! That at least gives folks the option if having more combinations is important.

I’d look at these—


I always forget about those guys as FAS1. They also make good safes.

Ended up getting a Vaultek 10 series. Really like it. Didn’t go biometric. Fits my P365XL and an extra mag just fine.