What's your favorite Gun Safe?


At what point did you get a gun safe? What was your first gun safe and what safe do you use now?

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I wish I had the guns to fill up the third of those safes.

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We bought an 8 rifle stack on safe when our number of long arms started multiplying, we’re also looking at a getting a Liberty and moving the one we have now as a 2nd safe for upstairs shortly.

There’s a local distributor locally that has parking lot sales often.

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We started off with a very small stack on. Got a little bigger stack on to hold three firearms and ammo. Want to move up to a long gun safe. I won’t buy a long gun until we have a safe to store it in. Found one I want at Tractor Supply, just waiting for tax return. So having owned only one brand, but its never failed, my favorite is stack on!


I have a Viking with the fingerprint ID option that is permanently mounted in my house. You can store multiple prints to open it, or use a PIN as well as key. I use it for my ammo, spare mags, documents etc, and could put my pistol in there if I needed to

I also have a Vaultek VT20 that I use for my bedside safe as well as taking with me when I leave the house. I can fit my VP9 and three additional magazines in it. I didn’t opt for the fingerprint scan on that safe, just going with a PIN and key. There’s also an app for it that shows various things such as battery life (rechargeable), and a log of when and how the safe was opened. You can open it with the app if you’re in range, and can control the interior light level and mute the noise. I’m not the most techically savvy, so other than checking the baterry level, I don’t use the app much.


I have a 18 gun Pro Vault by Liberty. It was relatively affordable, it was about the cost of a new gun. I’m a lot more comfortable knowing my firearms are in a safe. I got it about a year ago.


My Stack on works for me, one of my sons just picked up a safe as well. He’s got a .300 BO rifle he put together and just picked up a Glock 17. Same thing he wanted to make sure he had a safe before he went and made some purchases.

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Hi Dawn,
I do not own a gun safe as I currently have no need for one. My shotgun and sidearm are kept near (and dear) and ready, with the exception that I carry my sidearm OWB during my waking hours 7 days/week. I am contemplating buying (OR winning…LOL!) a Henry US Survival AR-7 .22 LR Rifle. Since I was created with two hands, this is enough for me.

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@Dawn I don’t have a favorite safe but, what I have is a stack-on that I keep my firearms in and, lockable ammo boxes with padlocks that I keep my ammo in separately from the safe.

I do it this way because, I babysit my brothers kids frequently (ages 7 and, 5). When they are over I also lock the room. They are being taught firearms safety but, they are children and, children make mistakes/bad decisions. It’s in the job description.

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Great point @Thad! I’m thrilled to know they’re being taught firearm safety, but removing temptation is a great idea too. If, God forbid, something ever happens to you, they can defend themselves with your firearm. Until they are old enough to really understand the consequences (which I believe is different for every child - IMO), keeping the temptation at bay is a good idea.

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Well, they aren’t my kids so, they won’t have access to my safe till they are adults and, have proven to me they can handle the responsibility.

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Do you carry while they’re around, @Thad? (That’s what I was thinking when I said if something happens to you.)

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Ahh, I missed the implication.

Yes, I do. I always have my 38 in my pocket at home.


It was my bad! I wasn’t very clear in the comment. :slight_smile:

Do the kids know you’ve got the 38 on you? Would they know how to shoot it?


They know I have it but, they are not ready for real guns yet. They are still on Nerf but, may be graduating to BB guns in a few months or, so.


My nephew has head-butted my pocketed 38 way too many times to not know what’s there


If their parents don’t mind, look on YouTube and show them the NRA Eddie Eagle cartoon. It’s good for younger kids.


Groovey, I’ll see if they will sit through it.

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I have two big safes, several small safes and several ammo safes.
Small safes are strategically located throughout the house to hold one gun “ready.” Never more than 10 feet away from a fast access gun safe.


Heres a new blog article about choosing a safe! I wonder if the bloggers are peaking at the USCCA Community? (They’re not yet… We will be inviting them into the Community as we grow.)

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