What was your first safe?

If you’re a firearms enthusiast in addition to your family’s protector, there’s a good chance you have some sort of safe in your home for important documentation and to keep your firearms secure.

My first safe wasn’t a firearm safe but has been used to store firearms. We’re planning on upgrading to an “official firearms safe” over the next month or so (due to a very inquisitive 18-month-old granddaughter).

Even when we have said “official firearm safe” my original safe will still be in use and will probably be handed down to my daughter when she has her own place.

What was your first safe? (Did you buy it for firearms specifically?)

My first safe was a small Gloss Black with Gold handle and lock made my Liberty for firearms.

When I retired and moved out of state, I sold the safe and purchased an inexpensive Canon safe from new local sporting goods store. Cost of moving safe 2,500 miles across the USA was not worth it.

5-years after retirement, I purchased a new retirement home in another state. I sold the safe I had and purchased a large Liberty safe for the new house.

All the safes I have owned were purchased for firearms but used for other valuables also.

My first gun safe was the platform for my bed. I built it out of 2X8’s, and plywood and a piano hinge. and my queen size mattress only over hung it by a couple inches on each side so I bolted on some flat steel that I bent at a 90* angle to keep the box spring in place when I lifted the lid. It was the only “gun safe” that I have owned since that actually held all my weapons, but hey I was only 22.




First safe was this. Got it for storing my gun in my car.

I purchased a Champion Trophy primarily for guns and ammo. However, as the store told me, buy the biggest safe you can afford, because you will fill it.

Yup. I sure did.

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Mine were custom made flush wall and floor models. Don’t recall the manufacturer any longer, but I did just stay overnight in a Holiday Inn though…er, ah. … lol … I mean but I did just sell my brand new Liberty safe and purchased a Fort Knox. I decided to step up to the big league in that category.

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First safe was a fireproof document safe. It wasn’t until my health turned that I felt the need for more firearms. I’ve always had a Colt 1911 .45 and a couple of mags, that coupled with my proficiency in multiple martial arts and an affinity for blades. But once it sunk in that no matter how hard I worked out and dieted I was never going to be the man I was before I broke my back.

That feeling became especially urgent after my daughter was born. So I bought a Winchester 6 rifle 10 handgun safe. I outgrew that and that became my new ammo safe and I bought a much larger Liberty Safe. I’m getting tight on it so I may be buying another. Like my guns I don’t get rid of safes. I have one in my car, one next to my bed. My ammo safe has my most valuable Damascus blades in it.

I am seriously considering a panic room/safe for my prep, firearms, ammo, etc.

Since I do have one entire floor of my home that is not used except for bookshelves and a way for my dogs to go out.

First ‘gun safe’ was a gutted upright piano that sat in my parents basement while I was in school. I still have the guns, but not the piano…

I just purchased my first “official” or proper firearm safe last Friday. I simply could not afford the Cannon or Liberty models so I went with the Winchester Model TS26-45 from the local Tractor Supply Store. It seems to be decent in terms of form and function. I have more pistols than long guns so for now I hope it does what I need it to do. Plus, any bigger and probably would have had to reinforce the floor in my house as goodness are these things heavy!!!

Browning Gold series

We’ve had a gun safe downstairs and put a 2nd safe upstairs, we keep other important items in the safes as well.

Long before gun safes were a big box item, I wanted one because I was spending a good amount of time travelling outside the USA. The nearest “discount” gun safe dealer was in Los Angeles, 150 miles away.
Perplexed, I went to a NFS Ranger Station and, after explaining my situation, asked the ranger on duty what they used.
The decal on the safe was from a fabricator located in a neighboring town.,
I went to the fabricator and they built me a duplicate NFS-spec safe for about the same price as the LA “super store.”