Portable/ Bedside/TSA approved Gun safe(s)

Looking for recommendations for a new gun safe. As per the title, I need a portable TSA approved safe to secure my SD while in home or traveling. I am optically challenged (wear glasses) so I would like a biometeric unlocking mechanism. I can see well enough to identify people and traverse my surroundings unaided, but inputting a code or navigating an app without my glasses would be difficult.

Anyone have any recomondations?

I’m seeing alot of sketchy china stuff with good reviews but missing solid spec details.



Have you checked Vaultek?


I’ve used a First Alert 5200DF. It’s my bedside safe and my travel safe. I currently have a 5 inch M&P with optic and light installed with a spare magazine.

TSA cannot access this safe so it is approved for air travel. When I travel with it I have put a 4 inch pistol, three 15 round magazines and one 50 round box of ammo.

Very sturdy and easier on the wallet.


I have had good luck with Vaultek safes though I don’t own the biometric model. From what I have read and experienced from phone use fingerprint biometrics aren’t 100% reliable. At the very least you should make sure the biometric safe has a push button backup that is easy to use in the dark. After a very little bit of practice I can open my Vaultek purely by feel with my eyes closed though the buttons light up when your hands get close so even if you can’t read them you can tell where to place your fingers.


I also use vault-tec as my bedside.

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Another satisfied Vaultek user.

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Big fan of Hornady. Got one of these for my boss, loves the speed at which it can be operated at night. RFID card attached to keys.



I use a Vaultek Lifepod in my car. It’s small, portable, and has a cable lock (that may slow down a thief).

But just a word to others who maybe haven’t yet experienced this. I locked up my pistol, because I was going to be in a carry-prohibited area. When I went to open the safe again, it just started beeping at me… and it wouldn’t stop.

Ruling out that I entered the wrong combination, I thought maybe the electronics had failed, but it turned out to be an almost dead battery. Since I don’t generally carry the manual key, I had to wait until I got home to open it and retrieve my gun.

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Thanks for all the suggestions and tips!
Decided on the Vaultec Lifepod. Perfect size for traveling, the biometrics seem to work very well as well as the keypad access.

Shout out to [Alces_Americanus] not sure if it is a new feature, but my new Lifepod can be powered with a USB cable and standard charger or my Truck should the battery die.