Gun case locks: TSA or not?

I’ve been looking for a small cable lock that is NOT a TSA approved lock for my range bag. Something that doesn’t look like it can be opened with a butter knife. So far, no luck on the lock. I’ve got a small cable-style masterlock travel lock that works, but not one that is TSA-free.
Anyone have a suggestion? Or want to convince me why I shouldn’t care if its TSA or not?

I keep all my guns in The Gun Box. I have two the 2.0 and the Echo, going to pick up another Echo to secure to the car with a tether cable.

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That looks cool. I’ve got a hornady travel safe with the cable in my truck, but if I’ve got them in a range bag, I like to lock that too … and my travel safe just isnt big enough :laughing:

@Zee I take my gun boxes to the range.

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Check with the airlines before you need to fly but the last time I checked into it the lock should NOT be able to be opened by the TSA. Each airlines has its little own little procedure but everything I have read in the past says YOU the owner of the firearm should have the only key(s) to open the airline approved container.

The weapon needs to be unloaded and any ammo needs to be in a sperate container (bag) in its factory original packaging. There may or may not but a limit on how many rounds you can transport.

Again check with the airline (call the airline at the airport you are departing from) you are flying on to verify their procedures and requirements.

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@brophe went and checked out the gun box tactical… that’s pretty slick! Its fingerprint access though, and that’s a non-starter for me. I used to design fingerprint ID systems… I’ve seen too many of the issues to own one.

that’s what I thought too… but really having a hard time finding one that isn’t.

Give me a little bit and ill post a link when I find what I am looking for

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@Zee it’s combo, rfid, and fingerprint

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You must have bigger muscles than me :grin: I already schlep too much heavy stuff to the range :laughing:
Might look at that countertop one for my granddaughter though

They will cut through the bag faster then they will ever get this lock off. If you need the cable I would buy a cable and to use in conjunction with it.

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@DBrogue thank you, I’ll look at those! If they’ve got one with a shank that will fit the locking zippers, that’ll work brilliantly!

@Zee they’re not that heavy! My 2.0 holds two guns and my Echo 1 Gun.

I might add in CA we’re required to travel with the guns locked in a case of one doesn’t have a CCW or the firearm isn’t on their permit.

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Any Locksmith brick and mortar store should have something in the size you are looking for. Just tell them you want a luggage size high security lock that will not be used on luggage. (Otherwise they might get hung up on telling you it much be a TSA approved lock and it is none of their business what you want it for unless you want to tell them.)

Your other option is to drive an extra 2 hours out of your way and come visit me and I’ll take you to a place I know has them in stock on the shelf.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sounds like a trip! :smile:
I’ll hadn’t actually thought of trying a locksmith… I guess I think of them in the “smith” terms, not the “shop” terms!

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