Suggestions for gun case

I know that I have to check in my 3 firearms at the airline counter. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good but cheap case that can hold 3 handguns plus magazines and ammo?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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First, no such thing as a cheap case to transport weapons through an airport. If I’m correct, ammo must travel separately and in their original boxes. Second, the best cases, IMHO, are Pelican Cases with TSA approved locks. Third, I don’t recommend traveling by air, if you can, drive. If I can’t get there by car, I don’t go! Good luck!


Maybe, I should’ve said not too expensive, not cheap. Not going isn’t really a choice now as I’m relocating to Texas for work. And I’ve heard great things about Pelican cases. :+1:


There’s another alternative to flying with your weapons, transfer them to an FFL near your new home. Congratulations on escaping LA!


Check with the Airline about whether the ammunition needs to be in a certain box. I let my brother borrow my Gun Vault for his G42 when he flew on Alaska Airlines last month(“You may check ammunition with or separately from the firearm.”) was allowed to keep his ammunition in the magazine just not inserted into the pistol.

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While @Scott52 has a great idea if you don’t know anyone where going. If you do have a trusted friend, (like the guy picking you up at the airport) it is entirely legal to ship your personally owned firearms to a 2nd party to await your arrival. This is common place in hunting lodges and with gunsmiths, it negates the whole 4473 thing. Essentially, “I’m shipping my gun to you (who is of course legally allowed to have a gun) to hold onto till I get there and we go hunting and then I’m shipping it back to me.” Or “I’m sending you my gun to fix and when you fix it you will send it back to me.”

Read into that what you will, it’s rather broad. It is legal and a dealer need not be involved.




Or ship them to yourself. If you already have an address in the state, ship them the day before you leave to your new address.

Otherwise, if you want Pelican style cases, but for less, check the cases from Harbor Freight. Also not ‘cheap’, but they seem to be built pretty well and are obviously Pelican knock offs.

Pelican, because when you buy right you only cry once. I’ve used others and have found them lacking. Several have lifetime warranties that I’ve actually had to use. Good customer service and fast replacements BUT Pelican has the warranty too but I’ve never had to use it. So in my mind I’d rather feel the sting once and then enjoy the best for the rest of my life.

BTW my son has had good luck with the high end SKBs but again you’re at a price point close to Pelican anyway.

And last, look around, a lot of folks buy Pelican cases for one trip and then sell them a few years later because they take a lot of room. A few scuffs only show character and you can find some sweet deals every once in a while.

Oh, and as has been said, you can mail your gun(s) to yourself C/O (Care Off) someone’s name and address that you trust in Texas and as long as they do not open the packages (take possession) you can take the boxes off their hands when you get there. No FFL is needed to do this.


I have to agree with Enzo, get a good product the first time for a few more dollars and never replace it again. Pelican makes a great product that is TSA approved. That said I am with Scott, if its in the lower 48, I’m driving. Just go around New Mexico lol