Have you ever flown with a firearm?


With the Expo quickly approaching and having to fly to Pittsburgh, I was wondering how many have flown with their firearm?

What tips do you have for someone flying with a firearm?

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I’ve flown with guns. What I did was went to the airlines web sight and look at their regulations for taking firearms on them. I also printed it out and took it with me to airport. I did this in case the person at the ticket counter didn’t know what to do. And they didn’t. So I showed them. Then no problems. When you take firearms you have to go to ticket counter and declare that you have a firearm. Fill out a form that goes in where you have the firearm. Then either they take you to the TSA baggage check or you go there on you own. And TSA checks the bag and sends it on. Then when you get to where you’re going you have to may be go to where they have lost bags. Because of the firearm in the baggage.


I flown with guns quite often. Experiences seem to be dictated by what airport you are at.

Flying out of Philadelphia, never an issue.
Newark, as much of a hassle as they could possibly make it within the law.
Boston, the agent actually pulled a rifle out of the case instead of just checking the tag and proceeded to drop it on the floor.
San Francisco an agent told me my ammo had to be in the original factory box and had me throw it in the trashcan if I wished to fly

Anchorage and Bozeman I had a very nice conversation about firearms with agents in those locations.



My mother flew with her handgun. I gave her a pelican case for it with a couple of locks that was put in her checked luggage, unloaded of course…

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Welcome, @DAVID13! Sounds like you’ve had a huge variety of experiences!

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Negative on that, my fiance Michele hates flying!

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I have and it can be a real pain especially if you have connecting flights through DC or NYC.

If at all possible when flying through either city make absolutely sure your firearms are checked through from flight to flight so you never have to take possession of them because if you do you can end up in serious legal jeopardy.

Know the legal and procedural requirements and follow them to the letter when dealing with the TSA.

USCCA and US Lawsheild are both great resources to rely on.

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