Have you ever flown with a firearm?

Super easy… follow the rules on tsa website… flew from ohare to anchorage…

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When going from ohare to anchorage had to switch planes in Seattle… no problem at

On another trip (posted another earlier) I had to fly with the Mail again, this time from Salmon ID to Bosie to catch a commercial flight. Small 4 seat plane, waiting outside the gates. Pilot and I walked out on the tarmac and got into the plane. I was not carrying a gun, but soon as we got to the plane i watched him pull a LARGE revolver out from under his coat and put it in the door side pocket. I asked about the gun and he said, just in case we have to make an emergency landing, dont want to be some bears lunch. I knew right then I liked this pilot! Was a beautiful flight without incident.

It has absolutely changed. You now claim your bag with the firearm(s) in the special handling area and they will ask for ID.