Colorado trip questions

Hello, got some questions for Colorado residents or those who have traveled to Colorado recently, Denver in particular.

First, I’m flying in (with my handgun) from Texas on southwest (possibly, still need to finish setting up the trip) I already know the details for my home airport. But what I want to know is what the check in procedures are like over in Denver airport. Is there a baggage screening machine next to the ticket counter? or would it be “behind the scenes”? Would southwest take you to a room where the tsa will screen your bags? That’s what I would like to know as this information will help me with my planning.

Second question: (yes I have read the USCCA gun laws for Colorado) can someone give an example of a sign in Colorado prohibiting firearms that is valid? I know that it was mentioned that the no weapons signs do not have force of law, in other words violating the sign is not a criminal offense, but there are some places that would not be the case like a government building for example. I guess what I’m trying to ask is how to determine whether the sign is a valid sign to respect or ignore so to speak.

If you need me to clarify anything, please let me know.
Thank you in Advance.


Hey Eduardo!

I personally have never been through the Denver airport with my firearm, and I hope someone here in the community is able to go more into detail for you on how that process may look for you.

I did still want to mention that it may be a good idea to reach out to the Denver Airport by phone to speak with them directly. In my experience, calling the airlines and the airport itself has been extremely helpful.


Hi @Eduardo_Pablo!

I live in GA, and flew into and out of Denver on United Airlines in November of last year (not sure if that’s recent enough to be helpful). I would imagine the check-in/firearm declaration for Southwest would be about the same. I had my safe in the bag I was checking in, and when I declared it, an attendant took the checked bag (with the safe inside), and asked me to follow him to the TSA screening room. I stood outside the room while they screened it, and then, once the TSA approved it, the attendant took it to the baggage drop, and I was free to go through security/board.

A little different than the other airports I’ve flown out of, but it was fine. Another thing to be aware of, is that it did add about 20 minutes to the total time it took me to get to the boarding gate.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure about the signs…

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Apparently it’s a little complicated, but not too complicated. Here is an excellent reference for that question.

Enjoy your trip.

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Thank you for the input, I am hearing impaired so that makes it a little more difficult communications wise. Though I really don’t want to asking that kind of questions and then later decide not to bring the firearm…don’t want any hiccups. Also, see below.

Thank you for the input, that is a little closer to what I wanted. I’m curious did they give you the option of being in in the same room while they screened the bag? Did they take the key inside the room and return it afterwards?
I ask because I’m a bit more of a control freak when it comes to this, I would very much prefer that I be in the same room watching the whole time. Though it is understandable that thing are different in other airports and current situation also plays a factor. Other people might be different, but my firearms, my rules.

Also, I’m not really worried about the signs, I plan to give myself plenty of time to get in the checkpoint so I should have plenty of time to find where I need to go…and I’m doing research now for specifically this reason, less to worry about.
…unless you’re referring to something else with the signs quote…

Thank you for the input, (sigh) yeah I was afraid that it would be something like this. Though the resource does clarify things a bit. I’m still determining whether or not to take the firearm as this trip is being planned by my parents (yes I’m over 21 ) and not myself so there may be locations in Colorado that might be…legally questionable. I will need to see what the itinerary is before making a final decision.

Thanks guys.

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@Eduardo_Pablo, I was not in the room, but the door was open and I was right outside (being in/out of the room was a difference of about 5 feet…). They didn’t open the safe, so I didn’t even need to give them the key.

I was referencing your second question about the signs…

Whereas I flew Southwest out of Las Vegas this last April. I was not even allowed in back while they opened my cases / luggage (multiple firearms). I opened my bags after landing & found the TSA’s standard “we were here” note but everything was still there. Didn’t ease my mind while it was happening though…

I was easily stumped. IDK, if can’t find online, call and or email them? Denver police, airport, and specific airlines as well? Good luck.



Got it, that’s probably fine with me as long as I can be able to watch the screening, though I may have a different set up regarding my suitcase in which they may need the keys for that.

The signs: whoops, thought you were talking about airport signs. Thank you though.

Thank you for the input, yes I do understand your concern. Its much of the big reason for wanting to be there in the screening room. Fully understand that different airports have different layouts and policies.

Thank you for the input, I had already read up on the relevant parts of Colorado law, it was the specific detail about the posted signage that I wanted to know which was answered (to an extent) by @Mr.Plastic.
Also, I am already read up on the rules and regulations regarding flying with firearms, it was that I’m aware that different airports may have different layouts and/or policies regarding baggage with firearm screening. I was looking to see what the experience was for the others in that specific airport.
Thank you though.

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