Air travel with your gun?


When you travel by air for work or pleasure, do you take your fire arm with you? What kind of hoops do you jump through to do so?


I’ve never done this, but I have looked into it. In Massachusetts, TSA told me that it’s not a problem, lock your guns up in a solid case, lock your ammo up in a separate case, and check your luggage, DO NOT CARRY ON. But then you have to be legal in the state that your going to. I have wanted to shoot USPSA area matches, a lot of the guys have their guns shipped to their hotel room if they’re driving, I’ve not heard any horror stories as of yet.


Interesting, do they mark that they’re shipping firearms @Steve-G? There are so many regulations about shipping a firearm that I would almost be more worried about that.

The flying horror stories I’ve heard of are when the flight is rerouted and the passenger ends up at an airport where they cannot have their firearm (NJ and NY are the states I’ve heard it about).

Here’s an article about it:


I don’t know, I’ve never done it. I did make a mistake though on shipping it for a match, they can’t ship it to your hotel room, they ship it to a local FFL and you can pick it up there before the match.

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I was told firearms go in a different part of the plane and you pick them up in a different place than luggage they say the guns always make it but your cloths may not

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I’ve been heavily involved with this process for many years with my job and I’ve done it personally. First off, if you have questions, or not, you need to go too two different places. The TSA website and then the specific airline website. You have to go to them both because the airline can set their own, more restrictive rules. I’d recommend printing ALL the relevant information if there is not a military instalation within 60 miles of the airport you’re using. Put the papers under the foam in the box because you could very well be educating the person behind the counter. In general it’s goes as such. Unloaded in a locked hard sided case. Ammo can go in with it as long as it’s in the manufacturer packaging. It’s best to use a TSA approved lock because they’ll have a key. They WILL open the container and put an inspection slip in. They will put a sticker on the outside identifying it as a firearm. After inspection the case can go into another piece of luggage. I’ve never heard of a separate claim area at your destination but who knows, it could happen.