Hardcase for Airline travel?

Haven’t flown with a gun in a couple of years. Noticed on TSA website that they say the hard case your gun came in might not pass inspection. As usual very vague about why or other detail.
I have a M&P 9 2.0. Has anyone had trouble checking a S&W hardcase?

Welcome to the Community, @Mike32! I think this is a great question and that others can definitely benefit from the replies - so I made it a stand alone topic. Hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

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I have flown many times using a Gun vault Nano 200 gun safe. I store the my pistol (M&P 2.0 9c) with the magazine unloaded and placed beside the pistol in the safe. I keep my ammo in the box they were purchased inside the safe as well. I place all of this inside a hard sided suitcase which I lock up with a small pad lock. Never had any issues with TSA with this set up. Just make sure you declare the gun when checking in your bags.

Do a search for TSA complaint hard gun case. You should find what you’re looking for. I was at Big R the other day and they have handgun and long gun cases on sale. Also look for TSA compliant padlocks.

Remember, to pack ammo and mags separately from firearms.