Vaultek LifePod

If you’re looking for a great little lock box for your vehicle in those moments when you can’t carry, check out the LifePod from Vaultek. I bought two of the Colion Noir models which come with the steel tether cable that I have connected to the tie down mounts in my trunk. Pictured here is my Kimber Ultra CDP LG (3” barrel) and my Kimber Pro CDP II (4” barrel) - both with room for two spare mags.

BTW, you can use it with the supplied keys, or use a 4-8 digit code - or both. You can also disable the key lock from the inside so it can’t be jimmied. It’s powered with a 9-volt battery, but if it’s dead there is a micro-USB port on the front to provide power to unlock it. It is also completely sealed and is water-resistant.

I am VERY pleased with my purchase. Check it out!

Product link: Vaultek LifePod (comes in a variety of colors)
Product link: Vaultek LifePod Colion Noir Edition (The one pictured in this post which comes with extra accessories)


how big is it? I’m thinking my EDCs are bigger than your kimber and may not fit.


@Zee, the interior dimensions are 7.75" X 6" X 1.75". And to put that into perspective, the larger Kimber in the photo is 7.7” wide, so the reported dimensions are spot-on.


@VirtualGuitars, did I read the website correctly, you can leave the side latches unlatched and it still locks at the front? I’m looking for something to replace the keyed safe in my truck. I like the ability to punch in a combination and have the key for back up if the power failed.


@Shepherd, yes it will, but not very tight when a firearm is in there. You are supposed to latch it down first, but it will lock unless you really have to compress the contents. The Colion Noir edition comes with an extra layer of foam which is optional to use, but I put it over the top of my gun for a very tight fit. In that scenario, latching it down would be required.

This is the perfect way to lock a gun in your vehicle. That’s the primary reason I bought two of them. I always have a backup gun in the trunk, but sometimes we’re not allowed to carry firearms in certain places in Texas, so I will lock up the other one as well.


@VirtualGuitars, excellent to know, thanks for the initial info and confirmation.


I just got mine a few weeks ago and I love it so far.


@Teddy, amen! I bought two and could not be any happier.


My sons IWI baby eagle fits in his. 4.5” barrel with a mag


If the baby eagle fits @VirtualGuitars, my Canik SC should fit!

and Welcome to our party @Teddy :smiley:

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