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Good afternoon, what is the best way to carry inside of a car on the go to and from work? What lock boxes are recommended? Which ones have a fast open response?


The safe I use in the Expedition is a Snap Safe lock box with a key lock. It is constructed with 14-gauge steel and is pretty tough. It fits perfectly inside the console between the seats and has a cable I ran through the bottom of the console and have it bolted to the seat frame. The key to the lock box is not in the same bundle of keys as the vehicle key.

When I am in my vehicle driving, my weapon is on my hip in a holster. The only occasion to store the weapon in the vehicle is if I have to go into a building which DOES NOT allow weapons. Bank. School. Mall. I lock the weapon in the lock box, lock the lock box into the console, and lock the doors on the vehicle. If I go into a fast-food place, I get a seat where I can see the vehicle. If I am going somewhere I know I will stay for an extended length of time, I will leave my weapon at home. The weapon does not sleep in the truck overnight.

Check your state and local laws concerning storage of a weapon in the vehicle. I know there are some places where you can get prosecuted if your weapon is stolen from your home or vehicle and is used in a crime. Where I live in Texas currently does not.

The safest place for your weapon to be and have the quickest response is on your body.


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I’m just actually enjoying some lunch before I go to work and then tomorrow on my day off I was thinking about purchasing a box because I work 8 to 12 hours 5 days a week. So I need a good storage box for Illinois


The snap safe that you mentioned, you indicated it fits in your console. Is this one of those safes designed for the console specifically for just a lock box with a cable tether? I am looking for the right lock box for my wife’s car, she cannot carry inside her employers offices and at the moment chooses to leave her firearm at home when working. I need to find something that secures nicely in her car as well.


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The SnapSafe box I have is not specifically designed to fit my vehicle. It is simply a coincidence it does fit. I had the same lock box when I was still driving my previous vehicle and simply had the box under the seat cabled to the seat frame.

I know there are gun safe/lock box manufacturers who do make lock boxes for specific vehicles which are more popular today. Best advice I can give on that aspect is to measure the space you have and purchase a box to fit those measurements.

I reiterate checking state and local laws concerning weapons storage in the vehicle. Also, have your Wife check with her employer’s HR department to ensure she doesn’t violate some obscure company policy by parking on company property with a weapon in her vehicle. I worked at a company in the past where anyone caught with a weapon in their personal vehicle would be terminated even though Texas has laws in place to protect employees from such ridiculousness. Most of the employees of that particular company had weapons in their vehicles anyway. Impress upon her to not talk about it, don’t show anyone.


What about a Stop Box Pro

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Consider an armored truck.


Thank you for the information and the welcome. checking with her HR is a good idea as I did not think about the parking lot being a potential violation area.


You did say Illinois, right :question:

So I need a good storage box for Illinois

Never leave ANYTHING to chance!


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Fort Knox gun safe the small one


I’ve got three different ones. One that’s lighter weight and portable, that I can stuff in my back pack, for those rare occasions, faster combination pin code convenience.

But for my vehicle, I don’t have to lock em up too often. I don’t have good options to bolt it down, I still need to work on that, to me, I’d feel more secure if I can bolt em.

For now, I still use the steel boxes and cable, I have one larger, with a thicker cable, and another two that are smaller but have a thinner cable.

I tend to use the larger with the thicker cable, seems stronger. I tether mine to my vehicle and cover them up.

I like having three boxes, all locked, even when empty, to slow any crook down and in case my passengers need to lock up. I use my spares for valuables or days carrying extra ammo.

Get you extra spare keys, share your combination number with only your most trusted loved ones.

On my larger box, one would think it’s better quality but the lock would not lock, because the latch was not lining up with the latch it’s supposed to lock onto. I got lucky and unscrewed it, added my own washers, so that it reached and now it works, was a pain in the _ _ _ to fix.

As Mom would say, “It’s best to be prepared”.


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You going to be the guy John Wick buys his gun from in the next movie?


I cannot give you a URL right now, but there are at least 2 companies out there manufacturing replacement car door interior panels that turn the voids in the door frame into a very strong yet easy to access gun safe. There are also headrest replacement safes - just pull the existing headrest out and drop the new one in. Come with key or combo lock access.


The Headrest Safe | Discreet Vehicle Safes | The Headrest Safe™ Co.

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I know they aren’t going to match the rest of my interior, or the rest of my head rests, so they would be suspect in my opinion.


Console Vault doesn’t have something for every vehicle, but the one I have for my Tacoma is a perfect fit. Steel, bolts to the floorboards and a combination lock.

The thing I don’t like about the headrest safes, is if a thief recognizes the safe, the can just take the whole thing, then break in to it at their leisure.

At least the cable tethered boxes are cut ‘resistant’ making them harder to remove from your vehicle.

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I have a Stopbox for at home when I’m not carrying since I have a toddler https://stopboxusa.com/ You could use it in a car too.

I’d recommend something like the VaultTek Lifepod though for better security. https://vaulteksafe.com/products/vaultek-view-all-lifepod-series/lifepod/

I ordered the Colion Noir edition from his website since you get free shipping and his edition comes with an organizer, steel cable and pluck foam. Vaultek LifePod Colion Noir Edition Portable Weather Resistant TSA Com – PewPewLife