Safe Storage in Sedan

Any GOOD and Truly Secure Safes or Storage Devices for a pistol in a regular sedan? I own a 2003 Corolla, and about all I’m finding are a kin to tin cans with wire tethers… this may be a gross simplification, but all the reasonable automobile safes which do not tether down with a cable are for larger vehicles, either inside the center console or bolt down to the frame/floor boards.



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Sadly, that’s your only choice and only
to s l o w d o w n a smash-and-grab.


Those tethers provide a nebulous kind of legal conformity in my state, but most tether reliant pistol boxes also have holes for through bolting to the auto body.

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Check out GunVault SV500. Has a bracket that you bolt down.

But most anything you put in the car can be accessed or stolen given enough time. Even the console vaults look like they’re bolted to existing mounting points which are not designed for real structural integrity.

I have been looking for something for my Corolla as well. I went with the $14 box with the cable. I would like to find a way to bolt it down, but there is no place besides the truck to really do that, and I don’t want to have to exit the car and remove the gun from my holster standing outside…

It is not a gun safe, but it will help prevent the quick grab folks from getting your gun. I have not found a great solution, so I use what I can. I very rarely need to disarm these days, but there are times.

A steel reinforced locking glove box would be cool!


Guess I’m getting pretty sick and tired of when and how we get to implement our god given rights! I remember these days… you know the thing…the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!
This was the land of the FREE! Until Brandon! Don’t get me wrong he’s been there for over 50 years!
I’m not looking for a safe for my vehicle anymore. If I have to sell the grandkids, I’m purchasing his and hers bullet proof safe on wheels!
This used to be comic book material, never thought I’d see the day when I actually would consider pricing one!
Who would have thought of bulletproof backpacks for school kids, this is pure insanity.
I try my absolute best to NEVER leave my firearm in the vehicle. It’s attached to my hip 24/7/365 or I don’t go!
I almost have to ask myself, what’s the point of a safe in a vehicle, if the vehicle can be stolen?


Because some of us have to either leave for the day unarmed, or disarm at rare times to legally go about our day. Not perfect, but there is no perfect answer as far as I can tell.



If you are carrying concealed everyday, you will need to have somewhere to secure your handgun in your car, in case you have to go somewhere where you cannot bring your gun. IMHO, a gun safe mounted in an inconspicuous area is best. Of course, discretion is key, and nothing will help if the whole vehicle gets stolen! :grimacing:


i have a keyed lockbox that has a cable lock which I wraps around the passenger seat mount. If I have to leave my pistol in my car It is ALWAYS in the lockbox under the seat. I bought it at Harbor Frieght for $24. They are not expensive. No excuse to not have some method of securing a pistol besides the glove compartment or center console. I actually used to have it in my trunk but putting my gun away outside of the car is just way too visible

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My snubby is small enough (or my hands large enough) that I can palm it when taking it out of my pocket and putting in the lock box unseen by prying eyes.


I have a keyed GunVault safe with a tether under the driver seat of my F150. Where I work, company policy does not allow weapons inside the facility, but it is permissible to have secured in your vehicle. That safe is large enough for a Glock 19 and a spare magazine.

Reminds me of situational awareness, head on a swivel.

My car was broke into once when I was in a store. Didn’t have my “arm” with me that day though. Perp got away.

Tell tale sign I obviously overlooked:

Entire parking lot, he was the only one sitting in car
Lot was a bit dark
He was on his cel phone
He looked at me
His car was the only car parked outward (what does that tell you?)

Yep, thin cables can easily be cut with wire cutters or bolt cutters.

Yeah, what we could do to deter, slow them down:

  • Avoiding
  • Better alarm systems
  • More well lit areas
  • Heavy duty thicker & stickier tape to slow em down

Bring all ammo and mag in with you, unload the chamber, never give him free ammo to commit crimes with. One of my instructors has video recording in his car which he can see on his phone ap.


I am still relatively new to the CCW lifestyle, but one of the things I have discovered is that you will need to go places where you are not legally allowed to carry your firearm. Sometimes, you will need to leave your handgun in your car. It’s a reality. So, what’s your best option? To me, a gun safe that is out of sight and secured to a “hard point” in the vehicle is best.


Went to a “range” today. Good news, it was active, they offered a free safety class, and discounts on rentals today. However, I actually left without using the range, as the estimated wait was 1.5 hours, but glad there is such strong interest. I plan to go on another day when it’s less busy.

Off topic, but feeling for those who who encounter Firearms Prohibited signs, and the many public venues which can bar us from carrying; With so much prohibition, it can leave one only to carry in their car or walking on a public street. Although I’m only one person, I’ll do what I can to advocate for expansion of where we can go, perhaps worthy of another subject string as well. Best to you.


To help ensure safe vehicle storage, absolutely no pro-2A, NRA, firearm decals, or anything else gun-related on your vehicle. Oh, and don’t forget to lock your car. Car alarms not a bad idea either.


Absolutely agree. I am definitely “Pro-2A” and patriotic, but you will not see that on my car. I am also careful to not broadcast that in my clothing or other behavior. Not always easy to do, but it’s best to be the “gray man”. It’s also important to be situationally aware.


Timing is everything. I was just having this conversation with the wife. Per policy I can’t take a firearm into the building where I work.
So my option is to either not carry (not going to happen in todays climate) or lock it in the car. So I just got a gun vault not cheap. Keypad locking with a bypass incase the battery goes dead (not an issue I check batteries when we do the stupid clock change thing). Only thing I have to figure out is where to tether it to in the car.
I’m thinking under the drivers seat to a hard point.
Easy enough to move it from my body into the vault stealthily ( I get in early and not many people around).

Any other suggestions on placement?

And under the seat adds a little “security by obscurity” :wink:

I placed mine under the driver’s seat, positioned so I could reach down and extract it without being obvious I was reaching under the seat (same philosophy applied for returning it under the seat). Cable is secured to a seat strut.