Safe Storage in Sedan

Exactly what I was thinking.

My car has a power drivers seat, so there was not much room to slide a gun vault back and forth without it protruding out or being in the way. I ended up placing a key code gun safe under the rear of the passengers seat, and tethering it to a hard point under the seat. It conceals without standing out, and is accessible from the drivers seat. Of course, unholstering and stowing the gun is a process, so you want to look around and be situationally aware. Also, I only use this option if I am out, and need to temporarily store the gun while I go into a place like the post office, mall, etc. NOT for overnight or long term storage.

It’s only for when I go into the office. Or short term into a place where it’s banned to carry.
As far as situational awareness. I am ( usually I’m only one in the parking lot ) but I pay attention it’s part of my job :wink:

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