Usually one is two and two is four

We are told that one flashlight is no flashlight, and one lighter is no lighter but how does one is two and two is four?

With many situations from a home invasion there are always more than one perp involved. Knowing this it gives me the question of, “how many rounds does your gun have?” I carry a 1911 Ultra-Carry 2 .45 ACP with 7 rounds and I am not John Wick! I am very efficient with it but a person has to ask themselves, “what are your limitations?” I carry two extra mags but if I am out and about that is 21 rounds with two splits of 2 second reloads between every seven rounds.

I was talking to the preacher that is performing my wedding, which is in July, and he was going into a store when he was surprised by a gun wielding thug waiving a pistol all over. The preacher unloaded his gun into this man, and he got hit in the arm. The man did not make it and the pastor is doing well. No charges were made, and they actually thanked him for what he did. He talked about being worried someone else was possibly with him but apparently there was not. The fact he was aware of his surroundings and had thought of the fact that there could be. was a good move on him.
When the house a mile away was attacked by want to be home invaders was attacked there was three of them. A good door and rounds coming out of the door stopped them from continuing their attempt, sending them running.
I have been hearing about a lot of bad goings on happening and it is unsettling to say the least.
I hope everybody stats safe out there and watch your six and be ready!


No sense in taking chances…



I am happy to hear the Pastor is safe and clear of charges
I am equally glad to hear the Perp expired
Saved the World a load of future Grief.
Brother, I can’t say how many rounds are necessary to survive/carry.
(7) .45 rounds would be sufficient for an average SD Event (If that’s actually a thing!)
Carrying two extra mags you do (21) rounds also seems adequate.
Reloading in a shoot , adrenaline flowing, Noise, confusion and possible
accomplices the odds fluctuate all over the place.
(and then you have Scotts Belt Fed Concealed Carry Monster)
Probably carries like the ‘Cowboys’ of Tombstone and wears a Red Sash too!
I train with what I have and pray to God it’s enough. That is my true answer.

No Easy Days ahead Todd Godspeed!


I carry a Shield 9mm with limited capacity like that of a 1911. That’s why I have two spare magazines with me.

Too much uncertainty in the air and I don’t want to be stuck and not be able to reach my family because I’m not adequately armed.
I’m not saying emptying my mag on a rioting mob.
Just the thought that I might survive one incident but no longer have the capability to survive one or two more.


There will be many who will be critical of what I’m about to say, but so be it. My attitude is simple, if I have not neutralized the situation before I go empty I will probably not need to worry about reloading due to the fact if I get off X number or rounds, so will those I’m up against. The old saying, “if the enemy is in range, so are you.” Granted, you may really luck out, always possible. From my competition days I always mentally prepare to go up against someone who is as good, if not better, than myself. If there are more than one, I’m going in with the attitude of one round per customer. If I’m have to double tap one, the others will have the time to double tap me. Circumstances can change the scenario totally. Prepare for the worst, pray for the best.


Most of the time I carry a Glock 19 with a spare mag which puts me at 30. I’ve wondered if the extra mag is really all that necessary but honestly it takes no effort and little room to carry one. Plus I bought shorts from 5.11 that have a pocket specifically for them lol

Glad to hear that the pastor made it out ok! And congrats on the upcoming wedding!


I have seen a lot of videos showing 3 plus attackers especially in home invasions so I am in the more is better club.

Around town concealment and comfort concerns usually limit me to 12+1 with another 12 on the side. Out there my primary goal is getting myself and my family away from the threat. If I lived in a sketchier area or could carry when I worked in very sketchy SoCal I would likely go with a larger capacity pistol.

At home my bedside pistol is 24+1. If home invaders break in then I need to go get my family to our safe area. My off hand might be busy dragging my son so I don’t want to have to worry about reloading. Once in the safe area there is another 24 and a few 15s for topping off as well as a spare pistol for my wife. Once we are there it is the Alamo and Custer’s Last Stand rolled into one. Hopefully with a much better ending but no one is getting past me while I am alive and I don’t want to have to worry about running out of ammo.


Outside the house I’m carrying a 10mm 1911 double stack.16 rounds in the pistol two extra mags. If you come into my house uninvited you have at least 99 ways to die.


I’m a BIG fan of the UltraCarry and carry my UltraRaptor with two spare mags at times that I consider “low threat” mostly because I love the gun. But the threat level in this country keeps increasing EVERYWHERE and what was “usual” in big cities is now moving down the line to “safe places”. I see it in my Walmart and local grocery store all the time nowadays and I live in a very nice area.

So my answer was to amp up my EDC to a Glock 40MOS with a Holosun EPSc and 31 rounds on me (2 Shield Arms 15 round mags). I am VERY confident in my ability to hit a BG on the first try at any distance I need to, but I have seen too many incidents now in which fast and furious cover fire could have been called upon until I got to cover sooooooooo, the more rounds the merrier for me. Wish I could legally carry a flashbang too.


I’m of a mind that if you think you need more rounds in the gun then you need a gun capable of holding more rounds. Your first load and the capability of delivering it effectively is the most important. While I do carry reloads in certain areas, my goal is effective and efficient hits without the need for a reload if at all possible with the 12+1 in my carry.

At home I am not limited as to what and how many is available for distribution. :+1:


My EDC is a 6+1 so with a spare I’m good for 13. I really hope I never have to shoot once let alone 12 or 13. In my condo it a 5 shots in a 12Ga, I’m going with the idea that with a 12Ga I only need to hit each target once.


I can see this thread devolving into an argument about 9 v 40 v 45 v 10. Most of those I have seen were very humorous. Some very heated. The .45ACP fan club always falls back on “Won Two World Wars!” while the 9mm fan club claims “You’re slow and fat and I’ve got more friends.”

Both statements are true. The.45ACP is slow and fat, but carries a huge amount of energy and is capable of doing ALOT of damage. The 9mm is small and fast and can punch holes in things the .45ACP can’t reach. The .40 and 10mm are not as popular as the 9mm or .45ACP, yet, but they also have their own pros and cons, and none of the mentioned calibers have out-distanced themselves in the running to be called “BEST”.

Carry what you are comfortable with and become proficient with it in order to be able to subtract from the populace of wrong doers when they threaten your life or the lives of your loved ones.

With the above statements in mind, My EDC has a 17+1 capacity and I carry two additional magazines for a total capacity of 52 rounds of “You’re slow and fat and I’ve got more friends.” Should it be a home invasion situation, I have a mag carrier with 9 additional mags I can throw over a shoulder. If I am in the truck, I have my PCC which takes the same mags as my EDC. With the PCC are 7 30-round happy sticks and a 50-round drum.

A few years ago, I was on my front porch grilling on a Saturday afternoon. A group of hood rats came down the street and saw me watching them. There were seven of them and two dogs. One of them started slinging insults and threats, trying to scare me off. Didn’t work. The one comment I made was “My weapon has a 17 round magazine and I carry one in the pipe. I can double tap you, all six of your friends and your two dogs before I have to reload.”

One of the other guys in the group grabbed the first one by the arm and said, “C’mon, let’s go.”

They never entered my property, I never got off my porch nor did I draw my weapon. I called PD and made a report. Never saw them again.


My boiler plate answer to this question is “Which one would you like to get shot with…?”.


I carry a modern pistol for this reason. 7 in the mag just…isn’t what I want.

16 in the pistol generally…sometimes I’ll go way down to only 11 but not often.

Watching channels like active self protection and just learning a ton about concealed carry, the fact seems to be that pretty nearly 100% of the time the problem is either solved, or not, with the firearm immediately at hand and the ammo that’s in it. No fighting your way to another gun, no going a ways off to get a gun, no reloads, no using a battlefield pickup…what’ you have at hand is what you finish with.

So my opinion is, if you aren’t comfortable with what is IN YOUR GUN and ON YOUR PERSON…step up you daily carry gun


I know you have a logical reason, and this is just a question, Sir, but why would you not have a full magazine?


ah, I didn’t explain that all the way out…when concealment is a super priority with limited concealment options I will, on rare occasion, downsize to a Shield Plus with flush mag that only holds 11.

I always fully load the mag that is in the gun


There ya go. Logical answer. Thank you, Sir. :+1:


Just conjecture here but… 10 round magazine + one in the pipe maybe?


So here is a little my wisdom for what it’s worth…

For many years I felt pretty good about my chances of dealing with a bad guy on my own with a Compact or full sized 1911. In the old days I always envisioned the expected situation in which it would be myself against one stupid BG and my confidence level of ending the threat with 2-3 shots at most was pretty high.

Unfortunately I have had the pleasure of spending a bunch of time in the so called 3rd world and in those places bad guys, because they are cowards, travel and act in packs. Because of my time overseas I’m always on the lookout for those “packs”. I know how they act and their demeanor. And I’m sad to say that because of Biden’s open invitation to invade our country and the governments to open up foreign jails and dump the contents to our border, I see more and more of them HERE in our country now.

And I can tell you that because they are cowards they are still a bit afraid to act out in places where they feel common folks are likely to respond with violence, but their behavior, as you’ve seen in the news lately, in places where the sheep are not allowed to defend themselves like NYC or LA is starting to become more like their patterns back home.

BUT, it will not be long before they become emboldened and they’ll be at YOUR door in suburbia, because there are now MILLIONS of them needing to get fed and buy iPhones from Verizon.

So use the information any way you see fit. My personal response to this change is to amp the capabilities of my SD tools and train a lot more than even before addressing multiple targets and longer distances.

Again, your milage may vary…


1 serving per customer, then repeat.