Unwelcoming Establishments


Hello community, I’m from Pa. in our state gun laws we don’t have to obey gun signs unless it’s courthouses, school zones or federal buildings. My question and great way to involve @KevinM. If you don’t by state law have to obey the sign, is it wrong to conceal and carry anyway? Or should you lock it up in your car or just call it a day and go home? Me, honestly being we don’t have to obey the sign, I conceal do what I have to do and leave.


I won’t carry in Federal, State, or County buildings, but everywhere else I’m armed.
Since we don’t go in carrying a sign announcing we’re carrying, whose gonna know? If by some chance they see my firearm, which is almost impossible, and I’m asked to leave I will, because the law says I have to.
God forbid there is every a threat, but if there is I want to be able to go home safe.


That’s my biggest thing. Mind you, I do scan for signage before going into any building. One shopping mall I went into had absolutely nothing posted. The security came up to me asking me to go out to my car and leave the firearm in the car, I explained I had seen no notices stating I couldn’t carry inside. She showed me the rules for security.

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Great question, @ShawnT!

One thing I always think about when I see those signs is: Do I really want to give my hard earned money to someone who doesn’t believe I should be able to defend myself?

Another thing to consider is that, while the signs don’t have the weight of the law behind them, you can still be asked to leave. If you don’t leave, you can be charged with trespassing.

Would I carry somewhere that has a posted no-carry sign that does not have the weight of the law behind it? I don’t want to give them my money, so most likely no.


@Dawn, very true. I make sure I’m not going to be at the establishment long enough. If it’s going to be an extreme amount of time I won’t stay.


I use an app called Posted! To see where a gun friendly business might be. Here in Illinois, the no gun signs carry the weight of law, so I behave as a good law abiding gun owner. I try not to go places that have those, but, some can’t be avoided like the school where my son goes. I won’t lie though, when in more friendly states that don’t carry the weight of law, if I can’t find a gun friendly environment, I go on in knowing full well I may be asked to leave.


Exactly. Yes they had the right to ask us to leave and all we can do is kindly leave.


I’d never heard of Posted!, @45IPAC! Definitely going to down-load it and check it out.


Neither have I, have to check it out though


I try to absolutely avoid going into the post office because I can’t carry there. At one point I didn’t know that was the case and walked inside carrying because there was no signage outside the post office. Then when I was about to leave there’s a sign on the wall that says no guns allowed! I walked out as fast as I could without being obvious. But now that I think about it, it’s absolutely stupid to put the sign inside and not outside the building!


All Federal buildings are gun-free even if it’s not posted, including Post Offices. It should be covered in the CC Class you took.

You can do all of the things you need to do at the post office online now :smiley: Makes avoiding the post office much easier.


Oh cool. I definitely didn’t know that. And I mean now I know all Federal building are gun free but I don’t think that was covered in my CC class. :thinking:

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It is user driven. You can upload pictures of the building, they have a “wall of shame” and if they have been added to the app it will give you gun friendly alternatives to those establishments.


I’m gonna buy that app soon. It’s 99 cents on the Android app store. Unless it’s the wrong one but I think I have the right app.


It’s the right one. It works nicely also.

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That’s great to hear. And this isn’t just restaurants right? This includes other stores and businesses?


Stores, malls, pretty much anything that has been discovered as firearm free. I’ve seen 1 that hasn’t been added that I’m actually getting ready to put in there.


OK. I think that’s really cool that such an app exists. Thanks for mentioning it.


It definitely is. I’d prefer a welcoming sign everywhere but hey, we can’t all be happy.

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I completely understand. I personally think all 50 states should have permitless carry. People who carried guns in the 1800s/early 1900s never had gun laws regarding carry I don’t think. Maybe a small one like no rifles allowed in a certain place. (I may be wrong though)