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Need an answer for this. Are businesses required to post a sign " no weapons allowed"or something similar? Even if it is known that they restrict firearms and weapons?

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We had a simple philosophy when I was in the service. “If you didn’t write it down, you didn’t do it.”


I’ve been checking Walmart and Walgreens for some type of signage stating no O/C. Haven’t seen one yet but I did see a guy get escorted out of Walmart by security. I think it’s best to honor their policy and not bring negative attention to the firearms community.


@Michael7 Maybe check Office Depot or Office Max Michael? Actually you can probably find it online on their websites

Look up your state’s signage law(that’s usually what it is called). Usually the law will tell you what the sign has to say, where it has to be posted, etc., and the penalties for ignoring the sign.


I agree with @Samuel11 about looking at your state laws. That said, a private person, including a business, will generally have the right to ask you to leave for pretty much any reason as long as it is not discriminatory. If you are asked to leave then leave.


You can easily find the states’ signage laws on our reciprocity map at


And that’s why the USCCA rules!


You still need to drill down in your state laws. USCCA says you can carry in a place that serves alcohol. Well, that’s partly correct. Our local Sheriffs dept says you can’t carry any place that serves which is wrong. You can’t carry in a place that makes more than 50% of it’s profits on alcohol! I dug that out of the state police.
No signs required.

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Since the No O/C is a new thing I doubt many States covered that in their laws governing signage. MikeBKY said it best. If you’re asked to leave please do so. The anti-gun crowd would love for you to make a scene.


Which state, @Sneezy? We usually have those sorts of specifications called out. If we don’t on a specific state, I’ll get it updated. :slight_smile:

NY. But like I said, I dug it out. I’m not even sure I have the link anymore. Who knows what they will change next

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I’ll share that info with our legal guru, thanks @Sneezy!

Now a days it doesn’t matter if the business is saying no more guns allow!!! you may be ask to leave or worst if you don’t comply!!

That has always been true. If an establishment asks you to leave and you do not, it can lead to a criminal trespass charge or something similar depending on the state’s law.


My policy, and one which I recommend to others, is to graciously comply with a request to leave. Just like a traffic stop by the police, there is a time and place to argue your side of the story, neither of which is in the heat of the moment.

Step away, gather your thoughts and present your case to someone with the authority to do something about it.

I did an extensive search at lunch. What I came up with is it appears to be a local rule in my County though I can’t find the documentation. The ABC Laws in NY don’t seem to be much help either. If I think of it, I’ll reach out to my local brew pub owner as I have been told by them its not legal to carry there. (I don’t carry when I drink anyway) or my FFL down the street.

Are you sure it’s 50% and not “primary source” of income? The difference seems small until you get dragged into court over it.

An example would be a restaurant with a liquor license 65% of income being food, 35% being alcohol. As compared to a bar that serves food and novelties getting 35% income from alcohol, 30% food, 10% tobacco products, 15% novelties and 10% random snacks/scratch offs etc.

If the law specifically states 50% then you would be fine carrying in such a bar. Here in Michigan the law specifically states primary source of income, which in my example is still alcohol sales.

Yeah, it’s 51%.

So, what do we do, ask the host for a breakdown of profits of alcohol vs food before we go in? Crazy. In Louisiana, they get a bit weirder. You can’t carry in a bar. You can carry in the food area of a restaurant (with alcohol profits below 50), but, you can’t sit in the bar area of the place, even if there are no tables open, and you are not drinking.

Plus, the ‘bar area’ is often 5 feet from the regular tables.

Argh. We need smaller gubment. :roll_eyes:

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