More gun safety places

I have noticed that the more people in my state of Arkansas carry conceal, there are new business posting “No guns allowed” signs. There have been signs posting in places that never had before. I will obey their signs due to respect of their business.

Have anyone else run into this where you live. I know there are legal ways around these signs, but I do not want to be on the wrong side of this.

Please comment and help me understand…


There are Federal Law, State Law and business owner’s policy.

Definitely you don’t want to carry wherever it prohibited on Federal level.
State Law has a financial penalty for carrying in prohibited places.
Business policy has no legal repercussions.

So you can take some risk carrying in some places.


I recommend you respect their wishes by not entering their establishments and thus not spending money with them. Even better, let them know of your decision and why. I am also in Arkansas, and have not noticed that trend.


p.s. In Arkansas a properly worded and displayed sign carries the force of law, and is not just a statement of store policy. Violating them is a criminal act, not simply a trespass. Keep that in mind when deciding whether to ignore such signs.


This :point_up_2:t4: and in some select instances, concealed means concealed,
as long as it’s not in violation of federal, state, or local laws.


That sign actually reads “welcome to the morgue”, I don’t spend any money at the morgue, nor do I want to be a patron!
I’m very lucky, I live in a part of the United States that’s a free country. There are rarely any signs. The places that you know from state and federal law not to carry, don’t require a sign. Hospital, Post Office, Jury Duty, anywhere alcoholic beverages are served as a mainstay!

However I did come upon one when going to get blood drawn. It was not a hospital but more of a clinic. The sign read “ no guns allowed, including with conceal carry permit”.
It was NOT federally enforceable, I made the u-turn regardless. My part of the country is permit less carry and I hold a valid CCW. Didn’t want to be a target for any news media or lose the permit or be denied medical services in my county! Liberals are very evil people!

Other than that, if they are anti 2A, I won’t give them the satisfaction, I’ll keep my money and spend it wisely at a location that cares about human life and freedom!

I’m also going to recommend, if you happen to be in such a place and the sign wasn’t visible, or out of view, or you just didn’t see it, ( ignorance is no excuse ) if anyone comes up to you and says, “sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the establishment “. Immediately make for the nearest exit, no if, ands or buts!



In Utah it’s not against the law to carry into a place that has signs up, they can however ask/tell you to leave because you have a firearm and you have to leave or they can have you arrested for trespassing

Utah State Law.

76-8-311.1. Secure areas – Items prohibited – Penalty.

(1) In addition to the definitions in Section 76-10-501, as used in this section:

(a) “Correctional facility” has the same meaning as defined in Section 76-8-311.3.

(b) “Explosive” has the same meaning as defined for “explosive, chemical, or incendiary device” defined in Section 76-10-306.

(c) “Law enforcement facility” means a facility which is owned, leased, or operated by a law enforcement agency.

(d) “Mental health facility” has the same meaning as defined in Section 26B-5-301.

(e) (i) “Secure area” means any area into which certain persons are restricted from transporting any firearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon, or explosive.

(ii) A “secure area” may not include any area normally accessible to the public.

(2) (a) A person in charge of the State Tax Commission or a correctional, law enforcement, or mental health facility may establish secure areas within the facility and may prohibit or control by rule any firearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon, or explosive.

(b) Subsections (2)(a), (3), (4), (5), and (6) apply to higher education secure area hearing rooms referred to in Subsections 53B-3-103(2)(a)(ii) and (b).

(3) At least one notice shall be prominently displayed at each entrance to an area in which a firearm, ammunition, dangerous weapon, or explosive is restricted.

(4) (a) Provisions shall be made to provide a secure weapons storage area so that persons entering the secure area may store their weapons prior to entering the secure area.

(b) The entity operating the facility shall be responsible for weapons while they are stored in the storage area.

(5) It is a defense to any prosecution under this section that the accused, in committing the act made criminal by this section, acted in conformity with the facility’s rule or policy established pursuant to this section.

(6) (a) Any person who knowingly or intentionally transports into a secure area of a facility any firearm, ammunition, or dangerous weapon is guilty of a third degree felony.

2 things here:
(ii) A “secure area” may not include any area normally accessible to the public.
(4) (a) Provisions shall be made to provide a secure weapons storage area so that persons entering the secure area may store their weapons prior to entering the secure area.


Exactly; do not give them your biz or hard-earned money. I would not do business with anyone posting such a sign, no matter how much I like what they have to offer. There are folks running businesses who support the second amendment and your rights. Seek them out and give them your support. Tell others about them.


I don’t think no guns signs are legal where I live in Nevada. I think they are to trick criminals into not robbing them. I can’t imagine them by any more than a misdemeanor like jaywalking or a traffic violation.


According to, you are correct.


For those wishing to emphasize the business such places lose, print your own No Guns = No Money cards to leave with them.


Where I live (NH) is similar to Utah. Signs do not have the force of law but if you are asked to leave, you must. Our local Walmart has a sign asking you to not openly carry.


I hear you. I try not to patron those businesses. I’d rather shop elsewhere than have to lock it in my vehicle.

Make a list of stores who do not post such prohibited signs.

Check your local laws so you don’t get into any legal troubles.

If you are ever comfortable talking with them, it might be interesting to know why their owner posted it. Never argue with them. Be the coolest cucumber they ever met.

Criminals with a gun do not obey those signs.

Law abiding responsible carriers will have to shop elsewhere.

If ever you get chance to share your views with legislatures or lobby in your own way, more power to you.

Best to you.


Or maybe it is. I have always obeyed the laws, but recently I found myself in a legal quandry, and not having a real option out of it, decided as you stated, concealed is concealed. Nothing happened, my firearm remained concealed and I was not noticed nor arrested. I did not like being put in that situation, but I was on vacation and had little choice in the matter. I did not enjoy being put in that situation, but my thinking was clearly no one knew I was carrying prior to entering the “prohibited” zone, so there was no reason to assume that suddenly they would become aware. If I had a viable way out of the situation, I would have done so.

Laws prohibiting us carrying do not make us safe. Neither did my carrying make anyone unsafe. The sheep remained ignorantly unaware of my illegal activity. Even my wife was unaware I was carrying.




I see those signs as I see “No Smoking” or “No Outside Food” signs. Which is against the law to smoke inside an establishment, but if u do it, they do not arrest u for lighting up a cigarette.

I think that going to another place for my business is the best option.

BUT can 1 person make a difference??

Thank u all for y’all feed back…


Make that 2 persons…


You ask if one person makes a difference? How do you think movements are started? All it takes to start a new view is one person standing up for “our” rights and it can grow from there.


Is it still illegal to carry at the Post Office? I know in January a federal judge dismissed charges against a postal worker for carrying and declared the rule unconstitutional. At what point does it stop being illegal? When the .gov decides to comply with the court and write a new rule, or when the court speaks? As far as I know, the .gov hasn’t appealed the court’s ruling.


Then find a different business to patronize.
Our local WalMart has a sign that says to make sure your weapon is concealed.
In Indiana the signs are not enforceable, they can only ask you to leave, if you don’t you can be charged with trespassing. But I respect their “gun free zone” signs (criminal protection signs), and shop elsewhere.