No guns allowed businesses

I’ve seen these little, no guns allowed stickers on the front doors of businesses informing gun owners that they are not allowed to carry their legal firearm inside. But if I have a concealed carry permit. Should I ignore these attempts to curtail our 2nd amendment rights? In Indiana there isn’t a law that prohibits you from carrying in those businesses. But they can ask you to leave. What is everyone’s take on concealed carry in business that don’t allow guns.


Theoretically, if you’re carrying concealed no one should know it’s even on you. If their policy is no firearms, I wouldn’t simply ignore it. Their business, their rules. Take your business elsewhere…that’s easy enough.


In Louisiana, the only places you can’t bring a gun into are the Post Office, Courts, police stations, schools and such. But, if you carry a gun into a place with a sign, if asked to leave, you must or may face trespassing charges.

I just figure it is their place, their rules and shop elsewhere. And try to let them know why I no longer shop at their place.


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It depends on your state’s laws. Here is Texas the signs have a standard to follow (font size, color, bilingual,etc)… you can’t just take a piece of paper with a firearm drawn on it and a red X through it.
Here if you ignore the “official” signs the worst case is a $200 fine for a class C misdemeanor… which doesn’t count against your LTC status. You just pay $200 for each violation… as many as you want. Once again no penalty against your LTC. But as I said this is Texas law, I am not sure which state you are living in.

So given that… if I am there it is NOT a “Gun Free” zone. I will elect to save my life over a $200 fine… any day.


If sign is easily seen, my permit says take my business elsewhere.


“Legally” they have to have a properly posted 30.06 signage. So “legally” the little red circle/slash over the gun does not meet code. BUT the message is clear so you would be gambling with how the store handled it if they caught you. Best case they ask you to leave, worst case they don’t confront you and just call the police out. Now you have to deal with them as opposed to just being asked to leave. Because as we all know WE are the ones expected to know the rules, and will get in trouble, even when the actual rule breaker is the improper signage.


There are times I want to go to businesses that don’t like guns like theaters, movies, and nice restaurants. But I want to see the show or movie. I just go on in. If someone would see it I’m not doing my job of concealing it good enough. I do live in Indiana that doesn’t have any law that prohibits cc. But your right they can ask you to leave, then trespassing.


Oh in case anybody didn’t know (probably just me) there is an app for here in Texas called Texas3006 that is a “maps” style look with posted business and whether they have 30.06, 30.07, or are over 51% alcohol sales. It is managed through user postings and updates apparently. It describes whether the posting meets legal requirements, usually tells you where the sign is posted. You can set it for live notifications as well, but they hit after you have been in the area a few minutes so don’t expect it to save you upfront. Still pretty cool, and maybe something like it is available for other states.


So in my State, Utah, we are the same. There is no state law against carrying anywhere that isn’t listed on the State website/federal law. So if a business has a “gun free zone” sign, I just ignore it. If for some reason they find out I have a gun, the only thing they can do is ask me to leave. If I don’t leave after the fact, then the charge would be trespassing which is a infraction/ticket usually. Sometimes it can be upgraded to criminal trespassing but this would only happen if you refused to leave after being asked to. then argued with the police asking you to leave. If they never asked you to leave then you cannot be charged with anything. I have never once had a business point out my concealed gun(how would they know). Many people will say take your business elsewhere but depending on where you are, that may be difficult depending on what you are there for.
I wouldn’t get to hung up or worry about the signs and just go about your day. This is assuming, like you said, Indiana does not have a State Statue against it. If you have the choice or ability to get those goods or services from elsewhere, I will always prefer that but that is a personal preference and not a necessity.


Many places here have the sign. It is criminal trespassing in Ohio. So we take our business elsewhere.


It depends on the state you’re in. In my state “No firearms” signs aren’t enforced by law for licensed conceal carriers. However, if in doubt always check with a lawyer to keep yourself out of trouble

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Oooooohhhh! So THAT’S what those mean!


Yes sir, I’m in Louisiana too, and that’s exactly what I do

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What part of Louisiana are you in? I am in the northeast.

I just take my business elsewhere. Their business, their rules; my money, my rules…and society’s!


I’m from Indiana and your right. In Indiana it is not illegal to carry into a business that says no guns on the door. Your also right about them being able to tell you to leave. Here is the thing you have to ask yourself. If they catch you carrying do you really want them to make a scene? They will make a scene. On top of that now everybody knows you’re carrying. What the point of concealed carry if everyone knows you’re carrying. They can also use that one incident to banned you from their store forever.

Just saying. Now me personally, if I’m carrying my Ruger ec9s, then I’ll probably go ahead and go in just because it’s a very easily concealed. Now if I’m wearing my Smith and Wesson sd40ve then I will take it off and leave it in the car because it’s a full size gun, it’s hard to conceal.

While it might not be illegal to conceal carry in their business, it is their right, their business, their rules. Either do not carry in their business, or better yet, go to a more firearm friendly business.


Is that for all states?

I thought that was Texas.

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You can always leave your firearm secured in your vehicle while you are in the business. They do have the right.

Better options would be to go to another business, or secure your firearm in your vehicle while you are in that particular business.

The same as if you go to the courthouse, you can not carry in there, and they have metal detectors.