Can you sue

So its 11pm my 9mo old son ran out of diapers so I sigh a big sigh and get dressed and go to the only store open. Its the only store open because where I live there is high crime so all others close at 10pm . I have my edc on me go to walk in and I see a NO GUNS sign. In ohio you can not enter our signs hold weight here especially an anti-gun Hamilton County. I drove 30min both ways to Wal-Mart . If a store has a no-gun sign you know robbery occurred and you are robbed or even worse hurt would you be able to sue the store for not protecting you

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This is America. Anyone can sue or be sued for anything. The question is whether the suit is worth the effort.

If you are concealed carrying, how does the store know you are carrying?


If you are concealed carrying, how does the store know you are carrying?

They may not know also accidents happen when you reach for something on a shelf your shirt lifts a little bit higher than it usually does the clerk is watching you because he’s scared he’s going to get robbed again notices…and as I stated Ohio’s no gun signs means no gun or You will be charged. And as I prefer not to knowingly or willingly break any laws

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I agree with your stance on knowingly violating the law. Especially if those signs hold the weight of the law.

As for suing the company I dont believe that precedent has been set yet. But with the belief gun manufacturers are liable for what is done with their product, I dont believe it’s unreasonable to hold property owners liable for what happens on their property

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@Shawn31 Just say “Baaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

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If you get caught is it a felony?

Also, a much deeper question to ask is “can Sue Sue Sue’s mother, Sue?

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Myself, and I am sure many many others, have thought about or discussed similar. Can you sue a property owner for not providing protection that you yourself are providing if something happened? What exactly would the line be for " provided protection". Armed guards? Cameras?

I do not believe I have ever heard of such a case.

As for me, I would go somewhere else. That is my choice, time and fuel, as trade. I also understand that choice may be different for you. :smiley:


no it’s Criminal Trespass in the 4th degree it’s a misdemeanor but something I prefer not to have on my record

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I’m not an attorney or any kind of legal expert, but I think the store’s first step is to ask you to leave. I believe that only if you do not comply with that request, are you considered to be breaking the law. However, someone with a legal background needs to answer this for you. Have you looked at the attorney list for Ohio? Do the signs carry the weight of law? That is, does the existence of the sign follow Ohio’s requirements for declaring a place to be a target-rich environment?

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@Shawn31 - thanks. I think the key statement on that page is this: “If you are caught and it’s proved you violated the posting knowingly, you can be charged with criminal trespass, a fourth-degree misdemeanor.”

So, if it can be proved that you saw the sign, you can be convicted.

My daughter was in diapers more than 25 years ago. I know that on my midnight runs to the store to resupply the diapers, my attention was on getting in, grabbing, paying, and getting out. I might not have noticed I wandered into the liquor store next door, let alone have seen a sign.


Sign? What sign? I saw no sign. All I want is to give your business purchases of diapers.
Concealed is concealed. You MUST be comfortable doing this. If caught, Very sorry and let the trespass you off the property.

I carried 20 years at a state university. Used an ankle holster. Was not a state violation but was a institution demand, one I never signed) The Univ offered me no protection on campus, and definitely no protection on my 35 mile drive each way to wor and back.
Unless they gave me some substantial increase in pay that allowed me secutity between home and work and back, I will take the responsibility upon myseld. 20 years and never had an incedent. ****Except off campuss.


I think if anyone is to be sued, it’s the DNC for all the grief they have caused for the past three years, and the possible destruction after Trump wins again, maybe a class action suit, I’m in! Anyone else?
@MikeBKY are you up for that? Think of yourself as Erin Brockovich!
This Erin Brockovich.

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If they can sue a gun MANUFACTURER, then if we started suing stores that we get hurt in maybe the signs will come down. Over the course of my life and some of it has been rough, I found if you really want to hurt someone, take away something they love, in this case, THE MONEY!

As Dawn will tell you ignorance of the lawful “NO GUNS” signs is no excuse! However I firmly believe in, “concealed means concealed”!
If a problem erupts indoors, take it out doors! No sign, no fine!

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Well, if the law gives an out, as it seems to…that’s not ignorance. Since the law doesn’t automatically apply everywhere, all the time, the sign has to be noticed to be valid. That’s the way I read it.

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Except there is a sign, a rule, and as he stated, the law regarding no guns signs.

Why not secure the firearm in the car, go in and get the diapers and get out quick.

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Carry to and from work, secure the firearm in your car during work.


Anyone can sue anyone for anything at any time, does not mean you will win.

Not a lawyer, do not play one on TV and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express… Yada Yada Yada.

I would think you would lose any suit against a property owner or business, due to the fact you are free to NOT go into their business and go to another business.

Do you sue the government at the courthouse or other government buildings that they prohibit carry of firearms? Even when there are no armed guards?

It is a federal offense to carry a firearm on post office property. And they do not provide armed guards.

Do you hold the government accountable? The bank? The Post Office?

There are places you are not legally allowed to carry a firearm, so if you enter those locations, do you try to carry anyway, or do you secure your firearm in your vehicle and enter, take care of whatever business you have there and return to your vehicle and reholster.