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That’s a easy one to answer. In my state I get asked to leave. If I refuse the cops are called and if I still refuse I get trespassed. If I still refuse, I go to jail, lose my CCDW and send a cpl weeks in jail.


If I need it and don’t have it, trespassing will be the least of my worries.
If I have it and need to use it, trespassing will be the least of my worries.
Edit- That is why I always have it on me. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is very important to know the rules of the state you are in. For me, here in Arizona the sign must include the A.R.S. (Penal) Code section(s).

Generally speaking it is also a “asked to leave situation” from there.

However, I strongly recommend that you don’t fudge in or around banks, credit unions, or the post office.

As for thinking you will get a pat on the back if you save people by engaging a shooter, just remember the guy at the mall in Indiana. People wanted to crucify him and he was a major league hero.

It is my strong opinion that the Marxist attack on the 2nd Amendment isn’t as much about guns as it is about self defense in general.


It really depends on the laws of your state. In some states, those signs carry the weight of law behind them. In some states, you might as well hang a garland and call it a day. In some states there are some places that are prohibited even if there is not a sign (schools, courthouses, etc.)

Before you carry, please take the time to learn the laws of the state you are carrying in.


Be aware that it is a federal crime to carry your gun so much as in the parking lot of the post office, regardless of state law or sign/no sign.

Imprisonment of up to a year, I think?

There is no such federal (and no state, that I’m aware of, other than I think it’s North Dakota) law for banks or credit unions. Very different from a post office


And he was 100% legal to carry there, at that


Don’t go into stores or other places that post such signs unless your lawyer needs to make a boat payment :slightly_smiling_face:

What could be so critical in your life that you absolutely, positively needed to enter a store or premises with a concealed firearm when the owner/manager of the location went to the trouble to post “no guns allowed” signage?

Boycott the store (and tell the manager/owner why you will no longer do business there), stay out of trouble, send less money to your lawyer to fight over a sign. Easy-peasy.

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Where the signs carry no legal backing, no lawyer needed. :slight_smile:


Keep that in mind when you are arrested for trespassing.

If you carry concealed, and do it well, then it is highly unlikely that anyone in the store will even suspect you of being armed.

In locations where the signs do not carry the weight of law, arrest for trespass can only happen after you have refused to leave the premises when asked by management. Even then you must still be there when LE arrives.


Where the signs carry no legal backing, an arrest would not result. I suppose I could potentially be wrongly arrested when no law was broken, but, that would be more a concern for the LEA’s attorneys, I think.


I carried into our local McDonalds with my gun owb and had a coat around it. I took my order and I believe a manager seen it but while time didn’t say anything so as I was driving away she took a pic of my license plate and nothing since then. They had a no gun sign and this is Ohio.


If someone is going to error on whether I am a threat I would rather they error on the side of safety than just assume I am not a threat. Eventually we will get it right and figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad.

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Sorry it’s such a long post, but this is one of the larger, and very important aspects of carrying concealed.

OK. They call CCW a “life style”, not because you have decided suddenly to change your “life style” but because properly undertaken, exercising your right is not as simple as it sounds. There are many responsibilities to consider and, it has also been made such a difficult, complicated, and unnecessary burden, that to accommodate all the hurtles and avoid becoming an “accidental felon”, it necessarily requires a great deal of care, preparation, knowledge, and practice, (not to mention secondary equipment), such that it does indeed end up becoming a change to a new “life style”.

No small part of that new undertaking is understanding when and where you can, and cannot carry, and that includes anywhere you may inadvertently go, it also means having contingency plans and equipment (like lock boxes in all your cars) to contend with those situations.

Then there are the greyer areas, (of which there should be none, but none the less it turns out there are), where you must do your research and make your best decision and know how you will answer the question if ever it should arise as a problem.

The stakes are high. It really used to mean something serious if someone was a “felon”. It meant you were hard core and, the idea that someone could “accidentally” become a felon was bordering on the ridiculous. Not so today.

I would not ignore those signs unless I knew EXACTLY what I was doing and could articulate why that decision was sound or reasonable.

The video highlights one of the big challenges you face when you decide to carry concealed. Sometimes the answer is not as clear cut as you would like it to be. And now we are on notice that the boundaries can shift and move to where what was legal yesterday, is not legal today.

I avoid these situations where ever possible. If they post a sign, I avoid them thereafter. In fact I never got one of those sweet short barrel AR set-ups, or any firearms like them, because I felt sure, some day, the ATF or other, would do exactly what they did.

When it was time for my second CCW renewal, I actually spent so much time researching all the new, and potential new laws, that I barely got it in on time. As a result of how challenging this all is, I value the training and knowledge resources of the USCCA every bit as much as I do the insurance. It would be worth a membership fee just for that alone.




And the LEA attorneys draw from an unlimited warchest – tax dollars – to advance the argument that you may have done something illegal (trespass, ugly after dark, etc). You, on the other hand, pay your attorney with your own money and are unlikely to recover those costs from the LEA.

It’s only your money, unless you are injured during the arrest by an overzealous officer or an officer who is afraid of you because you have a gun.

Simply staying out of locations with a “No Guns” sign while carrying avoids these unnecessary risks. The store owner doesn’t want your business/money, and you shouldn’t want to spend your money there.

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This is why it’s great we live in a country where we can generally make these personal decisions for ourselves.

Me, personally, I won’t avoid doing 100% legal things just because there exists the possibility of wrongful arrest and wrongful prosecution for something objectively legal. You of course may choose differently, and that’s okay.


Sadly, I rather agree. There is plenty of further evidence that they are not only discouraging gun ownership, but self-defense itself. It seems incomprehensible, yet the examples of it are growing where even someone who defended self or others, without a gun, were none the less vilified and even, prosecuted for it.

It is beyond troubling.


The left is wanting to make the US like the UK. There are no self defense laws in the UK. You have to wait for the government to protect you. I recently heard on YT a UK citizen calling for self defense and castle doctrine laws are needed to circumvent the peaceful religion from taking over the established UK culture. Don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.