Is a lack of a no firearms sign an implicit assumption that you can conceal carry in a business?

As I understand things, in Florida you have to have permission to carry a firearm into a place of business. Given that, is it implied that a lack of no firearm sign imply one can carry? If not, what good is a concealed carry license?


In Illinois, certain places are no bueno by law. Privately owned businesses, open to the public are not included. If that business doesn’t want firearms on premises, they must use the legally prescribed sign, in a particular spot, on ALL public entrances. No sign, no problem. Wrong sign, still no problem. If they have no sign, or the wrong sign, they can ask you to leave. If you do, that’s the end of it. If you don’t, your trespassing, but, still not committing a crime as far as carrying the firearm goes.


Same in WI.
As well as the outright bans in gov’t bldgs, schools, etc… All those should be spelled out in your states CC laws.


Respect your post.

Just got my FL non-resident CCW Permit yesterday. Definitely look up “your local” statutes. Where I’m at, if the “prohibited” sign is not posted, then it’s allowed.

I asked the same question as you, and was compelled to read the statues of my state, County, and city. Tons of places, venues, and scenarios prohibit it, yet no sign is required .

For me, what good is it; It was for where it did allow, when driving, walking outdoors, hiking/camping in certain areas where it’s permitted, and within business which allow – I patronize.

I see it’s complex. eg, children’s parks, public transit; What about in Uber/Lyfts, or in cabs? Take care.



This is basically the way it is in Texas.


The same in my state. Other than government building and schools a place of business, in order to post a ‘no weapons allowed’, must post a sign citing the legislative act citing the restriction.


When I was in Las Vegas guys were open carry in the WalMart. I have my CCW and would never provoke a confrontation with open carry. Our church allows CC we don’t want to be the only ones in the sanctuary unarmed. There are about 4-5 of us on any Sunday carrying. Most casinos post no carry in Northern NV. We have had issues in past like the biker shoot out in the Nugget.


I’m not aware of any “No Firearms Allowed” sign laws in Utah. I’ve seen a few home made signs, usually at bars. Interesting law in Utah, You have to have a sign on the door of bars and restaurants that say “This is a bar, alcohol is served here” or “This is a restaurant, no alcohol is served here”.

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In no way would I encourage anyone here to violate their state and local laws, but I always wonder… if I’m effectively carrying concealed, this should normally not be an issue.

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Normally, no.
If in the event you need to use it in a defensive scenario, or if your shirt rides up & ‘Karen’ sees it-
You’re going to jail.
In WI such a charge can result in loss of CCP permanently.


No signs, you’re good to carry.


Here is another great resource for the laws in your state.

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