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As with most things firearm related, what is and what is not varies state to state (and within a state often by local jurisdiction or municipality). For example, in South Carolina if a business/property owner wishes to prohibit firearms they must post a sign. The statute describes in detail the size, color, and shape of the sign and where it must be posted. In North Carolina the statute requires only that a sign be posted in a “conspicuous” place. And so on, state by state. In some jurisdictions violating the signage could result in a felony charge, but in some the citation has no more weight than a traffic ticket. In almost every thread on this site there is mention made concerning being knowledgeable of your local laws and regulations - good advice, and very applicable to this discussion. BTW - telling a State Trooper, after they pulled you over for doing 90 in a 35 zone that you “didn’t see the sign” is not likely to get you off without a court appearance and a hefty fine.


I think no firearms in any post office, ( Really ) how did the saying
“ going postal “ get started, they messed up so now we can’t protect our selfs.

  • time before last I renewed my pistol permit I had a pocket knife
    ( that I took out of my pocket and put in the basket before going thru the metal detector >> OMG << I had state troopers all over me. Good thing I left my rod in the rig. ( didn’t see anything about knifes ) this get better ;
    On the way out I’m looking at my paper work and a woman comes up to me and asked me if she could do anything for me, Hmmm, now I think I can’t have a pocket knife but there’s Hookers in a State building. Well it was a little embarrassing because it turned out she was a plain Close State cop with her ID tucked between Flopsy and Mopsy.
    Poor Blacky I pasted go and almost went to right to jail.
    PS: must have signs.

In Washington State the signs cannot be enforced by law but can be by owners, they can ask you to leave and that is it.

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