No conceal carry signs

Do i have to comply with a no concealed weapons allowed sign if it is not of the legal specifications as specified in the laws


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The laws about the signs vary by state.

I’d still find somewhere else to spend my money even if the signs don’t carry the force of law in your state.


You need to check your local listings. Some states will not enforce it other states it is enforced. Those states where it is not enforced will have leave the property if the owners want and you will most likely be trespassed.


Information is in the uscca reciprocity link. Look under laws for each state


There are legal, logical, and real-world practical issues here.
Does the state law make it a criminal offense (as opposed to civil trespass) to ignore a sign that meets the prescribed format? If so, then no, you are not legally required to comply with a non-compliant sign.

However, that does not mean no one will call the police if they spot you carrying there. You are going to have to deal with the cops when they arrive.

That does not mean the arriving LEOs will be fully conversant with the law; they may arrest you anyway, thinking that the non-compliant sign has the full force of criminal law. They will only be corrected during booking, arraignment, or maybe even at trial. That means you will lose a lot of time & money, and gain a huge bucket of hassle.

That does not mean that the proprietor cannot declare you as trespassing on the property. If the proprietor sees you have violated the policy signage and tells you to leave, you must do so immediately. Should you refuse to leave you would by guilty at least of civil trespass, and, depending on the state law, possibly even guilty of criminal trespass.

As pointed out above, check the law in that state. Best resources are the USCCA Reciprocity Map and HandGunLaw.US.


What state? What sign? What kind of location is the sign in question at?

The above responses pretty much nailed it though.

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What everyone else said. To contribute, some states, such as Texas, have particular requirements for the signs to carry legal weight. There, a basic gun with a circle and slash through it is meaningless. However, a sign with 1" block letters, on a contrasting background, stating the 30.06/30.07/both statutes in English and Spanish, and easily visible to the public is valid. In my opinion, it’s important to know what the signage requirements are even if you aren’t an owner/employee of a particular establishment.

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It appears the question here is about whether the sign itself is posted according to the law about the signs. Specific size, colors, images, verbage and where and how the sign is actually displayed. Most state laws are very specific about the signs.

In other words, small signs on the countertop by the cash register don’t cut it. Circles with slashes across revolvers don’t cut it. Signs near the bottom of an entrance door won’t cut it.

I am not a lawyer, but I’d say while you may not be obligated to obey an improperly displayed sign, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a ton of hassle defending yourself if someone wishes to press the issue.


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