UFO Stuff coming our way!

That means they’re lizards.

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Any civilization that is sufficiently advanced to travel the great voids of space probably locks their doors when they pass by earth.


I do not thing any Federal, state or local government’s laws would treat ET any different than any other undocumented alien in the case of self defense. @David-65, you would need to prove, generally by a preponderance of the evidence for an affirmative defense, to a jury that your fear of death at the hands? of ET was reasonable. The state would then have the burden of proving otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt.
Or just send ET to a sanctuary city!


Other life forms would have to have in comprehendible life spends or reproduce during travel even at the speed of light to get here. The big hang up is thinking that other life forms are similar to us. Also nobody is mentioning different time dimensions in the same space. There is also a theory that big Foot does exist and is able to shape shift or slip in and out of another Time dimension. PS >> we are doing a very good job of destroying our planet and have already contributed to the shifting of the earths axis. One tiny hiccup of any kind will reduce Earth to dust in a hart beat. We can’t even handle dumb bad guys let alone other super intelligent life forms. Maybe ET WOULD DO A BETTER JOB THAN pres. biden.

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Fox is back! They have another UFO story, I’m telling you… it’s to desensitize you for the big reveal coming soon.

The cool thing about science fiction is people can dream of way to circumvent science and the laws of physics. There is a universal speed limit for matter and there are no tricks to circumvent that speed. The universe is not simply empty space between Kepler-62f, Kepler-186f and Kepler-442b were likely the best candidates for being potentially habitable. These are at a distance of 990, 490 and 1,120 light-years away, respectively. (yes I looked it up) A few years ago I spent some time with some of the scientists at JPL and they indicated that more than likely any occupied craft would be hard pressed to exceed 1-2 percent of the speed of light. But even if that were not true there would be very little reason to expect a visit that has a round trip of 1000 to 2200 light years, Wormholes are nothing more than a theory with no evidence whatsoever. And if there were one close enough to get close to earth from 490 light years away we should have detected it by now.

But I am sure it make for good reading for the weird guy on Ancient Astronauts, the one with the dark spiked hair.


I agree with all this but, just as a cow can’t understand that my truck can get me 100 miles away in 2 hours, we can’t understand how to travel faster than the SoL.

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How about so called Planet X in our Solar system? There are good astronomical indications it exists. If big enough, with thick enough atmosphere, it could have habitable conditions even so far from the Sun.

Hypothetical Planet X – NASA Solar System Exploration

Yes, that’s a possibility not being discussed, that we have a relatively close neighbour.

What if Planet X is a small blackhole?

Posted this at another spot, but figured it would fit here too.


And waiting, and waiting, and waiting. :comet:

Remember Project Blue Book, most of it is unclassified now, most but not all. Maybe we’ll get to see the cases that they haven’t told us about. I’ve been to Roswell, worked in the Cheese Factory for quite some time. The one thing I’ll say about that, the reports in the news papers of the day changed significantly after day one. Makes me wonder how what they saw on the first day looked so much different after the government got involved.

Here’s the quote from today…

“Chatter is picking up online about the forthcoming declassified Pentagon UFO report or disclosure documents, which are due out by June 25th, 2021, but which many pundits and fringe podcasters seem to think could come much sooner”

4 days and counting!

Darn, todays big reveal was boring!

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And waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. :yawning_face:


“To Serve Man” is one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes! I just hope if that ever happens for real, they realize that humans are not fit for consumption.


They claim humans taste like pork… maybe the aliens will be Islamic in faith.

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Beck interviewed a top military dude yesterday who had some fascinating insight into it.
We are occupied. Just as a dog is trained and doesn’t realize it’s been trained/improved/learned a skill, the same with us.

A perfect example is the wuhan masks and martial law last year.

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