UFO Stuff coming our way!

To start, just like my first post over a year ago on the subject of the wuhan thing, over a month before it hit the MSM, I’m going to start one here on UFO’s

In the coming weeks we are supposed to hear the official word on UFO’s and extraterrestrials.

There have been little teasers in the news for the past few weeks and I’m thinking these are to soften us up on the idea we are being visited , but , there’s nothing to see here “man”.

Personally, I think there is a more than 50% chance that they are already here as of the late 90’s. My reasoning is based on our technology advances. I am retired IT and in the 90’s we had harddrives that were maxed out in size at about 200 meg. There was physically no way to get anymore 1’s and 0’s on a harddrive. There was no way to transmit data faster than over a 9600 baud modem, memory sticks were $100 for 2 meg. Now we have gi-normouse harddrives, gigs of memory, fiber, a mini memory chip the size of your tooth that can hold over 256 gig… For goodness sakes, look what I can do with my phone… I never have to say, “Hey Grandma, this is long-distance I can only talk a few minutes”

I used to say, I won’t believe in ET’s unless that big ship is hovering over the whole city like in Independence Day. But now, with the world upside down, and every time ANYTHING happens, good or bad, the stock market goes up…

Need I say more?

What do you all think?


600 years ago people thought the world was flat and the sun rotated around the earth. 100 some years ago we thought that man could not fly. 158 years ago the Civil war was fought with muskets and long rifles using black powder. Though we have progressed a lot lately we have come a long ways. We can not even come to the same consensus if Big foot actually exists! What do we know? A bunch of pea brain knuckleheads!


So… you are telling, we have invested too much in technology on the Earth?

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*THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE !!! Skully and Mulder. :alien:


It should be evident that we’ve been deliberately deceived and lied to about UFOs since at least Roswell in 1947. Someone speculated that all this spoon-feeding by tv and films is supposed to condition us and smooth over the shock of an actual landing and public contact. I’m not a golly-gee-whilikers type - I just wish it would just be yesterday’s news. Remember what a famous Indian chief told Congress in the 1800s - he said that the we were smart but not wise, and would wake up one day to find that we had fouled our own beds.


Here’s some insider info. They’re orange people with NRA markings on the craft. Could be a Russian hoax however ATF wants to check the weapons first as new guidelines may have to be enacted.


YES. I agree with the advance in Technology jump. I also think that the human race has tampered genetics. There is a tv. show call : ancient aliens and I watch
It sometimes when I’m looking for gun smoke. After a while this stuff can make
Sense. If our government did tell us that we do have extraterrestrials wouldn’t that create a worldwide panic ? I also think that we are a microscopic drop in a superior beings test tube like a kids ant farm. Furthermore if you were a superior being would you want to contaminate yourself or your race with our human race that has totally screwed up everything from day one ? One thing I can’t get my mind wrapped around is the question is there an end to the universe, can anybody help me out with that ? :us::us:

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I live near Roswell. I never believed in UFO’s when I was a kid. Then, I heard that Chuck Missler thing I posted, and he got me to actually do a little research (he who answereth a matter before he hears it is a fool), and I came away convinced that something is going on.

Scratching just beyond the surface is enough to find that while something is going on, all is not as it seems. The entities that pass themselves off as extrasolar “highly evolved” beings seem to be more along the lines of trans-dimensional things, along the lines of spirits. Jacques Volle ( if I am spelling that right. I’ve heard the name but not read it) actually came to the conclusion that they were demonic, and he was an atheist.

I find it incredibly interesting that the Greys look identical to a spirit that Aleister Crowley drew and claimed to have summoned.

The sudden reversal of policy by the DOD about UFOs or UAPs (to use their term) is a precursor of the fact that whatever is going on with the phenomenon is going to come to a climax soon. So soon, that the govt had decided it’s time to start “prepping” the population about the existence and abilities of these extraterrestrial visitors because they expect that the ETs are going to make their presence more visible and public.


So they are saying those that are religious are more likely to believe in supernatural phenomena? That is not surprising. They are also implying that they are not “aliens” in the sense that UFO believers state they are from another planet(s), but ethereal beings as mentioned in the Bible.

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Ya’all are talking about aliens. Seriously, remember the true scales of time we have to deal with here-on-earth… Now, it’s been just over 100 years we’ve been learning to “fly” under the surface of the oceans. We’ve improved metallurgy to the point we can go “deep” under those surfaces where pressures are phenomenal.

Now just think, what if a civilization achieved ONLY our levels of competencies, 5 to 10 thousand years ago. And continued without ‘dark ages’ where we nearly fell back down upon our knees. Last, consider, the oceans are nearly 80% of the surface of the earth, there are still many places we don’t go but for a few moments out of many days - if at all. And caves! Did you know we regularly burrow miles into the depths of the earth AND create city sized communities down there?

So, wouldn’t take any skill at all for our elder brothers and sisters to hide their presence anywhere in the solar system without any difficulties at all!

oh, there is the part about engineering genes to support the environments people find themselves…

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One theory with that is via too much genetic tampering they are sterile and essentially have to clone themselves to preserve the species. Adding our DNA is an attempt at diversifying their genetic structure to the point that they can once again sustain life naturally.

Again it’s just a theory I’ve heard tossed around in MUFON circles.

Another theory I’ve heard and discussed is that humans are naturally more adaptable on a genetic level. Which makes sense to me. I highly doubt all sentient life in the universe evolved from “mammalian” life.

That being said, I seriously have to question the sanity of any species looking to speed ip the advancement of our species. Humans are far too volatile.

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If other life forms from another planet have been or are here there life span would have to be beyond extremely long even traveling at the speed of light or reproduce in transit. As I understand it once the speed of light is reached it continues to accelerate it also takes a long time to decelerate. IE: must Travel at the speed of light for 1000 years to reach a planet 1000 light years away. Also
UFOs can’t be ours re- estimated speeds Of recorded videos are well beyond a humans tolerance of G forces. I think we are only up to mock 6 or 7. PS HAS ANYONE Heard anything about two time dimensions going on in the same place & time. If another life form wanted to take over earth I think they are advanced enough to engineer a disease that could wipe us out. Could they have created COVID-19 as a sample test. If they did it was a pretty good test. What started us to think about ET. Look at the original movie the thing with James Arness, where did that come from?

When I was in junior high my brother and I wrapped a weather balloon with aluminum foil and released it while the neighborhood kids were outside. We released it and started screaming UFO repeatedly. They all saw it and did the same. We held our laughter in and after 30 minutes we just couldn’t hold it anymore and confessed.


As has been said so many times; with billions of galaxies, each with billions of sun, each with the potential for many planets, we’d have to be pretty arrogant to think that we are it…


If the announcement is made, I for one won’t believe they are from another planet but another dimension. Consider it for just a moment, what are they really doing at CERN? What if they have found a way to breech time and space?