wait, false flag incoming!

no I haven’t gone all conspiracy theory yet. but it wouldn’t surprise me.

For those wondering where the F-35 is.
We built technology with tech parts built in the hands of the CCP. They left a back door to the fighter jet system, took control of the plane and flew it to where they wanted it. The stand down order is because they a
re afraid of losing more fighters to the CCP. Wait for the fake crash story coming next.
just my 2 cents


I would think if the Chinese were going to steal an F-35 they would take one from the West Coast or one of our foreign soil bases. Would be a lot easier to get it back to China that way.

Not to mention that the F-35 has so many flaws I’m not sure they would want to copy it anyways.

Sourcing some of our military equipment parts from China is a significant issue though.

There was a fictional novel written by some military folks that brought up this issue:


Yeah…I don’t think it would even have fuel range to get anywhere near China from the east coast of the US. That doesn’t really make sense.

If it went missing from a base or carrier off Japan there might be plausible ish