Ok...heres a question

Folks, I have been on this planet for 61 years. Durning that time this country has changed. Ups and downs. Now, where do you all think America is headed? Are you positive of negative about the direction and where we may be in 5 years?


At the moment, talking with my son’s friends and observing traffic in an urban setting, pretty sure mankind is doomed due to technology replacing face to face contact. Learned that gaming has gotten out of control, to the point of murdering opponents of a freaking game, people believe they are what they’re not, like really believe this, and ostracize those with common sense, something most of us racist bigot misogynist terrorists are aware of.
Aarons friends seemed great, but what they were telling me about this gaming, feudal tribes etc…was frightening.
One friend said “you know what happens when you raise a baby using a tablet instead of human contact? You raise a nation of psychopaths.” This from a 19 year old, much closer than I to modern norms. Looking at the "mass shootings " the controllers adore, I found this statement frightening and true.
Talk to your neighbors. Hug your friends.


No, I think we’re on a very wrong track. I’m 55, and I feel fortunate to have been one of the last true “free range” kids that grew up experiencing the real world and everything nature and society offered. We were truly free kids, and there’s nothing like that possible today.

I do think thay today’s hyper connected, virtual, internet based society is so fragmented and broken that we may never recover. I’ve never seen more division in our society, and I think it’s because everyone segregates into their own little bubbles
online and reinforces their own views. It’s such an us vs them world now and there’s no compromise. Just last night on the news I heard some congressman insisting that he’ll never compromise on the debt ceiling discussions. I remember in grade school learning that our own Constitution was called “The Great Compromise.”

The older I get the more I think the Amish have it right. Look very, very closely at what we invent and be certain that it’s really good for us. Most of what we’ve invented lately seems the opposite.


I suspect it will be the pendulum effect. We are swinging way to the left at present, and reaping the effects. Americans will eventually start moving back to center/right. The loud minority is winning at the time but the silent majority will finally say, Boys are Boys, Girls are Girls. Criminal are not the victims. The Government IS Over reaching. I AM over taxed. I want the country to have identifiable defended borders. We can produce our own energy right here in The United States. I can defend myself and be defended in the courts after doing so. We need to have the most powerful military on the planet. Until then many of us, the educated, hard working, tax paying, veteran, responsible parents, God Fearing citizens will be nodding our heads in disgusted disbelief.


I’m 71, raised catholic, raised my kids in the Lutheran church, left both because of shenanigans in both. I read the Bible regularly, I believe that we are in the end times. Good is evil, evil is good. Men laying with other men is an abomination. Life has become about sexual pleasure, life has become about pleasure in general. God doesn’t make mistakes, there are only 2 sexes. Only God is in control of the weather, no matter how much taxes we pay, only God is in control of the weather. Life isn’t about being happy all the time or about how many riches we can acquire. Life isn’t about who has the biggest most expensive car, or the biggest house, or the most land. Life is about praising the Lord for our existence, praising Him for our children, and grandchildren. Thanking Him for the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, The shelter over our heads, no matter how humble. Thanking Him for our ability to support our families, no matter how humble. Yes I believe that we are in the end times. Tribulation will be hard, I’m trying to help prepare my grandchildren to survive through it, until God is ready to take us to Paradise. So this I believe is the direction that our country is in. The direction the whole world is in. I hope that Mike 164 is right and that the pendulum will swing back to right is right evil is evil, boys are boys and girls are girls, but will it be possible? In my 71 years I have never seen such evil on our planet. God said he would never flood the earth again, so building an Ark is out of the question. I probably will make some people angry with this post but it is what I believe. I will not argue about this, nor will I debate this. This is simply my belief, my opinion, based on my readings in the Bible. Again I will not argue nor debate this. So where will we be in 5 years I don’t know but Tribulation should last for 7 years from the time that millions of people just vanish one day.


First of all, remember that nothing is new under the Moon. Nothing will happen that had not happened before.
2nd, all that is happening is necessary. It will become worse before it becomes better. Is this statement negative or positive?
You have to be more specific when you ask about America. Which part of it? What makes America?
Honestly, I see something like a giant divorce. People will not be buying from the same stores, or using same form of payment, they will be celebrating separate holidays and going to separate schools and separate sporting events.


You may be right about the pendulum swinging back but maybe it will be hard right. Like Spain after Franco took power maybe. Once people get mad about food prices, fuel prices and possible shortages and the belief that the elites will not suffer like the people can lead to unrest. And now John Kerry is talking about taking land away from small farmers because of the stupid global warming scam. Control the food you control the population. Start a federal Bitcoin and deny those to dont tow the line cash to buy stuff. We may be headed to a very, very dark place.


National Divorce would be tough. Like who gets what. Are we talking about red states telling blue states to kick rocks or a Civil War. I cant imagine the federal government being ok with red states, which includes breadbasket states and oil producers, leaving.
Have you ever seen this country so polarized? Is the media hyping all this or are they partners in it? How bad is the corruption? It feels like the elected officals are either so out of touch or so dirty they dont really care. I cant say anything positive about where we are headed.


So which one is it? Franco or Globalism, cant have both.
Personally, I do not believe Franco is possible in the US, no means of control, like he had, much bigger scale of the country, etc.
Same goes for the Globalists, no means of control. What is it, they are going to sign away American sovereignty, and what then? Who will enforce for the Globalists? I dont see it.
And unlike old dictator Franco, the Globalists are extremely stupid people, as in low IQ. It is very noticeable, Carry, Gates, Zuck - they have dumb faces, they got up the food chain because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth or by crookery of the lowest kind, or both. Yes, they can stir a lot of trouble, but to take control? No chance.


Try to think in terms of “who will not get what they want”.

Oh they care, or the Client List would be out there. And it will be.


Rethinking my original reply a bit after reading others. Present negative outlook partially based on my son’s passing, but just recalled looking for a house in WV a month back. Failed at that (thank God as I have too much on my plate as it is) but was very happy and optimistic after talking to the traditional and friendly folk I met there.
Let’s say I just went from negative to “good question.” I don’t have the answer but our current regime needs to go before our society does. Not too sure on 2024 being any help.


I found this video to be calming and anchoring my thoughts and commitments. :thinking:

City Prepping - YouTube


I’m 8 years older. I came of age when the government sent folks like me to Vietnam for our senior trip and then lived through the Great Inflation of the 1970s with mortgage interest rates in the 20% range. Worked as a cop until one day I realized that everyday I went to work and perfect strangers wanted to kill me because they called me to intervene in their family fight or I wanted to give them a ticket for an expired inspection sticker.

Is it worse today than then?

Maybe. Today, our government (no matter which party is in power) runs on printed money, not taxes, which any economist worth his salt will tell you ends up in a bout of inflation like that experienced in Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Turkey, and every other country that ran on printed money. It’s worthwhile to reading Adam Fergusson’s book “When Money Dies: The Nightmare of Deficit Spending” that details what happened in post WWI Germany.

On the other hand, the world did not (miraculously) collapse in nuclear war in the 1960s-1980s in spite of sabre rattling governments. And, there’s not the same kind of violence and civil unrest today than what we experienced in the 1960s & 1970s. So there’s cause for optimism.


Ok here’s my guess. This country is going down the tubes. There is so much evil here how long will God stand for it. .many folks in other places are already in deep sorrow. Is the republic Babylon? Been reading revelations for some time. The Jews received their state in 48 so this generation perhaps? Think we can last until 2024? So much damage is already done. Hmm just me


was going to post this in it’s own thread but it is sorta bout this subject…

and does seem to be a part of what has been and is happening IMHO…

and it’s near 3,000 years old…

Amos, (flourished 8th century bc)
He appears on the Biblical Timeline Chart around 750 B.C.

Amos 4:1-3

(1) Hear this word, you cows of Bashan, who are on the mountain of Samaria,
Who oppress the poor,
Who crush the needy,
Who say to your husbands, “Bring wine, let us drink!”
(2) The Lord GOD has sworn by His holiness:
“Behold, the days shall come upon you
When He will take you away with fishhooks,
And your posterity with fishhooks.
(3) You will go out through broken walls,
Each one straight ahead of her,
And you will be cast into Harmon,”
Says the LORD.

New King James Version Change your email Bible version

“Cows of Bashan” (Amos 4:1-4) is a figure or symbol for the Israelite women in Samaria. Amos implies that these women are the trendsetters and leaders in Israelite society, a course Judah also took before she fell (Isaiah 3:12). Apparently, when nations degenerate, leaders of society, who should be setting the standards, are replaced by women and children (or the immature), who, Isaiah says, “cause [them] to err, and destroy the way of [their] paths.”

In the United States, women have traditionally been the guardians of moral standards. In general, women have had high standards, while many men have held double standards. Amos, however, shows that the women of his day had slipped so far that they were “leading the pack” in immorality. And in America, the same is true: Women are becoming just as immoral as men. Between 1990 and 1991, according to the Uniform Crime Reports for the United States, the female crime rate increased 15.2 percent while the male crime rate increased by 17.4 percent.

Apparently, God built safeguards into women to ensure that some measure of right ideals, standards, and practices are passed on to the next generation. This gives a measure of stability to a society. Men, with their mind-set of aggressive ambition and their desire to compete and conquer, tend to focus on achievement, often at the expense of morality and ethics. In general, women are not designed for this role, and when they begin to fill it, a nation is on its way down very rapidly.

Besides this, a growing number of women today pursue full-time career positions for reasons of “fulfillment,” personal ambition, and social advancement, diminishing their high calling as wives and mothers. Womanhood, marriage, and homemaking (Titus 2:5) have become subservient to the selfish accumulation of things. Unfortunately, many women have to work these days just to make ends meet. Primarily, Amos is speaking to the selfish, power-hungry, ruthless women we often see portrayed on television and in movies.

Amos impolitely calls them a very demeaning name: a bunch of well-fed cows. Like cows, they are just following the herd. They are content with an animal existence; that is, they are completely carnal in their outlook (Romans 8:5-7). Their concern is only for the beautification, care, and satiation of their own bodies. They live only for themselves, not for God. Isaiah captures their attitude in a word—complacent (Isaiah 32:9-11).

Like their husbands, these cows of Bashan oppress the poor and crush the needy. By demanding more things, they push their husbands to succeed—at the expense of the weak. With the attitude shown in this passage, though, they probably did not care as long as their “needs” were met.

The word translated “fishhooks” (verse 2) is quite obscure in the Hebrew, but it suggests that these lazy women will be ignominiously herded into captivity. Some have suggested it means carried away on the shields of their enemies or pulled on a leash.

In any case, those who formerly lay on the beds of ivory and on plush couches, pandering to themselves, will be led in humiliation through Samaria and into slavery. Isaiah also describes the same scene in Isaiah 3:16-26. Because of their oppression and their haughty self-concern, their riches and beauty will be stripped away, and they will be left with nothing.

— John W. Ritenbaugh


I know if we are positive of positive and negative of negative it will have a positive effect. Negative of positive or positive of negative will have a negative effect.

I know you won’t reply and that’s ok. I think what you’re seeing is the evil finally coming from the rest of the world to the US because we have abandoned God/Jesus. We have let satan into our backyard and have done nothing about it. The democraps even voted god out of their party a few ago.

Even with all the evils that were in the US back in the 1960s, we were a better country back then. We lived by God’s standards and looked at what we did to see if it stood the scrutiny of god’s word. Doing so caused our society and culture to change.

Time to watch my pastor, blessto you.


It’s not that I don’t want to discuss it , I know that we have atheists in the community, and I really respect their opinions on firearm related subjects. I just don’t want to argue or debate with them about the existence of God ,or the truths in the Bible. Voting God out of our lives is what makes me believe that the end days are close. Revelations is some very scarry stuff. And yes some people let satan in, and are holding the gate open for him.


Untill the last of the generation of 1948. How many are still living? Thers is some biblical math involved :us:


I think you underestimate the intelligence of globalists. They are devilishly smart. And they crave power. They may not look smart but they are. They may not be able to take power but they sure as hell would be great puppet masters.