Ok...heres a question

Sorry for your loss. I can see how having that happen would tend to make a person be negative.


Sorry to hear of your son’s passing. I lost my dad a cpl years ago. One of the things that has kept me upright is god’s promise that we will see them again those that died in Christ. I pray that knowing this will strengthen you and give you hope.


1984 has arrived.


Sorry to say. Guess I’m kind of a downer when it comes to this question, jaded.

I believe how we perceive is partly related to our own control or discipline, and how we want to empower our children – our younger mentees.

Unless something completely new is found to change our course:

  • Inflation
  • Population increases
  • Scarcity of resources
  • Pollution
  • Dems and Republicans switch leadership every 4-8 hours is a continuous non stop cycle

What we do not do, will also affect change in one way or another.

I think it’s up to us to create change, via hard work and positive attitudes. Family as a clan reigns. They come first. If you are lucky enough to have some spare time, pick a cause, try to make progress to leave a legacy, and be kind to fellow man and woman.