Orwellian society?

Is anyone else getting the feeling like the world is turning into George Orwells 1984 or is it just me? I thought that was supposed to be a fictional book and not an instruction manual. Or am I just a Prole and need to start adding 2 and 2 to equal 5…

Looking for opinions, what to look out for, conversation, memes, humor to lighten the air, etc.


Kind of feels, to me, that we are teetering on the brink. We appear to be a declining nation ripe for authoritarianism.


When the elected,think of them selves as better or special. We the people must send them back to their homes away from the the Kingdom of Oz,Or go Vlad the impeller on them.


All civilizations must come to an end. Like at the Emperor’s of Rome, ancient Egypt, hell even England. They used to own like 2/3 of the world and now are secluded to a single island. I just didn’t know it would be this easy to make people bend over…


Well, we’ve tried the legal route. Voting in officials, following the chain of command, jumping through all the hoops. Clearly none of that is working…


Words, on a forum like this is without power. We the Peolpe must mean something and the force of the ballot box must be enforced. We must pull together the forces/voices, Representitives and Senators must answer questions when laws and actions impact the very core of the nation.
Twenty five years ago who would have thought the common man would need to turn to a company like USCCA for help in there protection of rights?
How many members need to have the Consitution interpreted? I think the document is plainly written and the words mean what they say. In my opinion ruling with the Consitution in hand would be a very easy job. The words have not changed in more than two hundred years, but the people that read the document feel it is their appointed duty to tell us what the document really means, I say NO.
Vote, with the ballot and with your voice.



I’m far away from this thinking… No End of Civilization for us… hopefully for our children and grand-kids…
So “no” for this:

20 years ago I was afraid of Global War and destruction… now I feel ok, however we have to remember there are still people on this World who can press the button:


My only concern is that “H o m o Sapiens” is going in wrong direction… instead of be less as animals, we are closer and closer to their level.

This part below is gonna be blurred by myself:

I couldn’t explain to my kids, when they were still in Elementary School, why this is not anymore “a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by sunlight reflection” :confused:

:grimacing: :sunglasses: :disappointed: really?


We’ve tried voting, we got Obama, Trump, and people like AOC… We’ve tried enforcing laws, we got Killary, Pelosi, and impeachment scandal. We’ve had the supreme Court interpret the Constitution numerous times and still nothing… We’ve tried and our voices fall on deaf ears. Been there, done that, good day. Ruling based on our Constitution is very easy, but politicians ruined it. They have pissed, ■■■■, and spit on what America stands for and torn down the very fabric of our society… We’ve tried the legal and nice route for decades…


I disagree with you in that I believe we have come to at least a tipping point towards a bad ending. If not in our lifetime than definitely in our children’s and grandchildrens. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. And agreed your use of the word H. O. M. O. Sapiens being blocked… Really?


I hope I’m right here, not you :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:
I’ve been optimist whole my life and one day when my time come - I still want to think that at least my kids won’t witness World’s Destruction. :expressionless:


There is a grassroots movement going on now. And it is called ARTICLE 5 CONVENTION OF STATES. I also happen to volunteer with them as well. and OUR FOUNDING FATHERS felt that so day the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MIGHT GAIN TO OR GAIN TO MUCH POWER. So they wrote ARTICLE 5. and in ARTICLE 5 it give states the power to call for a CONVENTION OF STATES. And in order to have one called 2/3 of the states have to pass A RESOLUTION CALLING FOR ONE. And there are 15 states so far that have passed one. And ALL 50 states have one being worked on in some form or another. And now there are only 18 more states that need to pass a RESOLUTION CALLING FOR ONE FOR IT TO HAPPEN. And ANY AMENDMENTS THAT ARE PASSED IN THE CONVENTION OF STATES AND RATIFIED BY 3/4 OF THE STATES BECOMES LAW. AND CONGRESS CANNOT SAY NO TO ANY OF THEM. Now if you if you want to find out more on ARTICLE 5 CONVENTION OF STATES and maybe even sign their petition here is the link to their web site. http://conventionofstates.com/?ref=41474 and as I said I’m a volunteer with them now.


Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis!


What states are currently apart of the Convention of States. I do get email updates from them occasionally.


I hope you’re right as well. But I see it as it’s better to prepare for the worst and expect the best.


I can’t love your comment enough. Sic Semper Tyrannis


:+1: :muscle:
That’s the other version of my favorite quote !

Hope for the best, plan for the worst
(Jack Reacher)



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My birth father taught me that when I was very young. Hate most things about him but that’s something that has stuck with me.

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